Planning my runs

For Christmas this year I got a lot of great gifts but my two favorite gifts were the TWO, yes TWO, “Complete Runner’s Day-By-Day Logs/2012 Calendars.” My mom and my Grammy (her mother) both got me one.  Most of my Christmas presents, in fact, were running related…from everyone. Which is totally fine.  I am not complaining!

Now the reason that I love my calendars SO much is because they hold me accountable.  The number one problem that I had training for my first 13.1 is that I really wasn’t held to my workouts.  I ran with a group and with friends, but it is easy to back out of something when you aren’t deep down taking it seriously.  I missed multiple runs, whether they were long or short.  My nifty little spiral bound runner’s calendar has everything written down IN SHARPIE.  Long runs, short runs, rest days, cross-train days…all written down.  This has helped me SO much.  I get great satisfaction in marking a giant X across the days that I have completed, even if I switched a Saturday run to a Sunday or a rest day and a 5 miler.  I suggest this tactic for anyone, especially beginner runners.  Writing down all your runs holds you accountable…even if you are the only one who EVER sees your little spiral bound notebook.

So today, this first day of February 2012, I will be running a 6 mile tempo run. Warm-up, 4 @ 8:40, cool-down.  Afterall, I have it written down.

Happy Running!


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