Super Weekend

So my running weekend started off great! Got in an early Saturday a.m. 9 miler and finished surprisingly well in my 4 miler on Sunday. It feels really good to have two days of weekend running under your belt. Trust me waking up at 6:45 on a Saturday so I can get a long run in before I babysit at 8:45 is NOT easy–but I am making sacrifices to do something that I really want to do: COMPLETE a MARATHON! Besides, babysitting fulfills me not only because the kids are awesome but because their mom is my number one inspiration for running. She is currently training to complete the Boston to Big Sur challenge with 3 kids she raises on her own. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If that isn’t inspirational I don’t know what is. Not to mention she is pretty much an amazing runner, and got me into the sport. It also made me feel great that my other half was ONCE again at the finish line of a mere 4 mile race–he comes to every single one!! If that isn’t a great man I am not sure what is.

The Met

But you might be wondering…if your running weekend was so great, why are you just posting about it now? Well my friends, that is because the Super Bowl got the super best of me. It took me all day Monday (and a super long rest last night) to realize that maybe running has decreased my tolerance just a little bit A LOT.  I need less of a lot of things:  fattening food, alcohol, late nights and more of a lot of things: sleep, water, vegetables/fruits/carbs  in order to be successful. You would think after over a year of being a pretty serious runner I would know this by now. Yesterday I took the que that I should probably move my Monday 5 miler to Tuesday and start new today…so that is just what I am doing. Moral of the story: If you are a new runner and trying to “figure things out” you need to realize that your body is constantly flushing out toxins now that you are a motivate athlete.  Don’t set yourself back days for one night of craziness…you can definitely go out and have a good time without exceeding your new limits.

So find some inspiration, sign up for a short weekend race, and know that there is always a new day, and a new run ahead of you!

Happy Running 🙂


One thought on “Super Weekend

  1. This is a great motivation post! It’s true to never set urself back. Just remember not to exceed ur limits! So pounding shots of tequila the night before will have to wait? damn! lol Anyways, good post retweeted it to my followers 🙂

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