Running vs Normal

Most normal 23 year olds aren’t willing to give up their full schedule of going out to bars and clubs drinking for running. This is something I have been told a lot lately–I am not sure whether it makes me feel bad about myself or good about myself. Either way, apparently I am not normal.

Snowy Saturday Run

This Friday I went out to dinner with my boyfriend had a few glasses of wine (I am not a total freak!) and went to bed pretty early. Woke up feeling great and met up with my friend Haley for a nice 5 miler. This week was pull back week in terms of mileage so I just had a few 5 milers, which was actually a really nice break. It was Haley’s birthday on Saturday morning and we both decided that her getting up for a run on her 24th birthday was definitely a great accomplishment considering we are both Big 10 (Penn State > Michigan, sorry Hales)  girls who love to go out and have a good time.

Meeting Spot

It is really funny when you tell friends that you can’t go out because you have to run in the morning. If they are not runner’s they totally do not understand. Can’t you just run another day? Sure, let me fit in a 12 miler on Thursday morning. You’ll be fine if you come out for a little and drink a little then wake up in the morning, right? Yeah no problem staying up until 12:30 a.m. (at the earliest) drinking won’t hamper my training run at all. If there is one thing I have learned this time around with my training about dedication it is that nobody is going to be as serious about your own training except yourself–so get over what everyone else thinks. Most Friday nights I don’t go out because waking up and feeling rested and ready to go for my long run is really important to me. Yeah, a lot of people don’t understand that…but they do what is important to them and I do what is important to me. There are still plenty of other ways for me to go out with friends, aheeem SATURDAY, see people and be involved…it isn’t like running takes up HOURS upon HOURS of my day. I just know that if I want to be successful I need to do it in the smartest way possible.

Bottom line is this: “Do not give up what you want most for what you want right now.”

Big shout out to one of my greatest friends and fellow Penn Staters Hilary who completed her first half-marathon this morning. Welcome to the club and here’s to many more successful races!!!

Hope everyone has a great running week.

Until next time.

Happy Running 🙂


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