The Lunchtime Run

Today I did something that I have never done before. Ran. During. Lunch.  And let me tell you it was one of the best things I have ever done.  Running during your lunch hour is not something that everyone can do. Hell, I can’t even do it most days. However, I do have a great job where taking lunch is encouraged if you aren’t too busy and we happen to own 5 of the biggest sports/health/fitness magazine titles in the world so it isn’t frowned upon to get your sweat on any way that you can fit it into your schedule.  I know, I am lucky.

Before you stop reading my post right now though, let me encourage you.  Like I said, even I cannot even run at lunch on most days…but every once in awhile you have a nice short run and the weather is just perfect.  Like, today for instance.  I had a short and sweet 4 miler and it was 37 and sunny out. The breeze kept my drenching sweat to a minimum and the sun gave me the vitamin D and smiles I needed to come back to the office refreshed.  Also, since I knew I was on a tight timeline I ran the four miles at high speed (for a “easy’ run)–finishing in around 36 minutes.  Mapping my run before wasn’t a perfect science because I forgot to go up to 79th street and exit the park at that point. Instead I exited at 72nd street. Before I had a mild panic attack that I didn’t hit my mileage I re-mapped my route. LUCKILY, I had enough of a cushion on the run that I got my 4 in pretty much right on the dot.

Re-mapped my run when I got back and realized I didn't go to 79th!

All said in done because I planned ahead to do this it was a great decision.  I wore the right outfit to work, I packed the right running clothes, I remembered the right tools to freshen up afterwards, and I knew what route I was doing (for the most part) ahead of time.  Chances are if you are into this little blog of mine then you are a runner. At the very least you are an aspiring runner/fitness buff so even if you do not think that running at lunch is right for you I hope that this post gives you the push you need to get up from your desk and go take a 20 minute walk.  You have no idea the wonders it will do for your day!

There is a saying that goes something like:  “You know you’re a runner when it is not ‘will I run this week,’ but ‘when will I run this week.'” and I totally agree.  This week is absolutely insane for me but I took a chance on the lunchtime run and I came out a winner.

Happy Lunchtime Running!


2 thoughts on “The Lunchtime Run

  1. I would love to run at lunch, but my concern is just the crowds of people on the sidewalk. I work in Chicago, a block away from the Sears tower, and it’s ALWAYS super crowded, any time of day. There’s also obviously the concern of traffic lights, cars, and short blocks. Looks like you are in NYC? Did you have any problem with this or any advice?

    • Thanks for the comment Kim! Indeed I am in NYC–so Chicago is pretty similar in terms of crowds I am sure. This was actually a big concern for me but I did a few things to make sure that I avoided most of the people.
      1. Left a few minutes before 12–I beat the initial rush of people leaving their offices, especially since a lot of people eat later lunches now.
      2. Ran AWAY from midtown. Midtown is NYC’s crazy busy business section. In order to get away from the business lunch rush I ran uptown, which is more residential.
      3. Ran into Central Park for a bit. I am not too familiar with Chicago but if you have a park in your city that is easy to run to go ahead and cut through it for a mile or so…it will give you a good break.
      4. Embraced the crowds. Yes crowded sidewalks and stopping and going at red lights can be annoying, but embracing it may actually increase the value of your workout. Weaving in and out of people and racing the to make it to the next light before the light changes actually makes the run more of an interval workout, which will increase calorie burn.

      Hope this helped! Thanks for reading 🙂

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