Weekend Warrior

First I would like to say CONGRATS to my big brother and future sister-in-law on their big engagement this past Friday! Can’t wait for all the family funtivities to come 🙂

So my Saturday long-run was glorious as usual.  I find that waking up early to do something that you WANT to do (aka not going to work) is fabulous. I feel so accomplished by the time I am on my 4th mile, so it is easy to imagine how AMAZING I feel at the end of the long run. Believe it or not by the end of my run I have way more energy than when I started and I am totally ready to take on the weekend!

Start of my Saturday morning run

One problem that I definitely have with waking up early on a Saturday morning to run  is hydrating and nourishing my body properly.  I would much rather wake up a little later than take the time to make an english muffin with peanut butter and drink a few cups of water…and I think this is hindering me.  I need to learn that waking up even 20 minutes earlier to put something in my body and drink some water before a long run is really important–especially for when FULL MARATHON training begins.  Does anyone else have this issue? Any tips/tricks?

One thing that used to help me when training for my last half marathon was eating GU Chomps as quick and easily digestible fuel before an early morning long-run. Even though it is not ideal, it works.  I think I should go on a GU chomps run (no pun intended)

Favorite Flavor = Strawberry

Saturday run was great–and LUCKILY Sunday is a rest day for me because Saturday night I got a terrible 24 hour bug and was up ALL night. No bueno.  Sunday I was absolutely still sick with my wonderful boyfriend and awesome mother taking care of me (we were visiting mom for the weekend).  Monday I had off work, WOO HOO! but I had a dilemma–to run my 5 miler or not to run my 5 miler?

I was feeling almost 100% better but I knew if I pushed myself too hard I could relapse, which would be way worse than skipping a run. In the end my mom and I decided to go on a run and since my mom is a bit slower than me it worked out perfectly.  I ended up not pushing myself hard at all and still got 5 easy miles in.  GO MOM! You’re the best 🙂 🙂

Mom and Sister-in-Law at a Race last June

My suggestion for “sick” running–absolutely do not do it unless you:

A.  are running with someone AND that someone will keep you at a nice easy pace

B. are feeling at least 99% better than you were at your sickest moment

I followed rule A. and B. and then ate a really hearty meal afterwards to help replenish and felt a lot, a lot better later in the day!

Today I have to figure out where to fit in my 4 miler–maybe a late night dreadmill run?? Not sure, but it is GETTING DONE!!

Have a great running day!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior

  1. I used to run cross country and have this problem all the time with morning workouts. Something that helped me is to drink a Carnation instant breakfast gives you everything you need without sitting heavy in your stomach.

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