Lent. Time for Drastic Change?

Today I am home sick 😦 Blah…if you follow me on Facebook (which you should, go ahead and “like” me!) then you know that I have had some weird infection going on. Even though I was able to bust out an easy 5 miler on Monday and 4 miler on Tuesday, today I was not so lucky. Blah–no running. The only good thing: my Dr. actually requested I only eat white bread, white pasta, broth, and Gatorade. Minus the broth that is pretty much a runner’s dream! I mean, come on when is the last time you had white bread!?

white bread!

Any way, I was talking to my friend today about Lent and she got me thinking. See this particular friend said that she needed to do something DRASTIC over lent because she was getting bored with life. Why is Lent all the sudden the time to do something drastic? It is like the 2nd chance at New Year’s Resolutions…except you are supposed to give something up. Cleanse yourself so to speak. But DRASTIC, cold turkey maneuvers are not always best.

Life's Mulligan...

While I do think it is a great thing if you can give something up that you never thought you would be able to (cigarettes, cursing, chocolate–even though you are crazy if you do, carbs–again, crazy if you do this as you need them to live, alcohol, etc.) why not also use Lent as an opportunity to do something for yourself. Do something DRASTIC in the sense that you can finally start clearing your schedule for yourself.

Do it, cleanse your life--by adding something! RUN!

Planning on giving something up? Then maybe you should also start doing. Here is my challenge to you–lace-up and start running at least 2 days a week for 30 minutes. Gradually run more, when you feel like it. Any day that you want, any time that you want, any pace you want. You get the picture. Sign-up for a 5k at the end of Lent (40 days if you aren’t a “Lenter”) and tell me how it goes!



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