Back on Track with Nutrition

This morning I had another great run in Central Park with my fellow early bird runners.  It is amazing how safe and serene you feel running in the park at 6 a.m.  I love the way other runners are out there almost protecting each other in the hours before the sun is fully up.  Even if a runner is looking straight forward, seemingly not acknowledging you at all, you know that they are right there with you.  Everyone’s bucket list should include an early morning run in Central Park.  One of my favorite things about these runs is seeing the stages of the morning.  Running into the park in darkness and finishing by the East River with the sunrise in full effect.  Now that spring is coming the sunrise happens almost full course from beginning to end of my run.

6:00 a.m. 5th Ave and 72nd Street

6:20 a.m. westside of the park almost to Tavern on the Green

6:45 a.m. stretching between 1st ave and York

Something else that always amazes me about running in the morning is how quickly you can get in a 4-5 mile easy run. Literally it takes me 45 minutes AT most to run over 4.5 miles, usually 5 miles,  (and that is very slow and depending on how often I get stopped at lights on my mile to the park). If you are new to running it would take you probably 35-38 minutes at most to run 3.2 miles, or a 5k, and that is a great run!

One thing that I have been trying to concentrate more heavily on is my nutrition.  It is so important to be fueled properly pretty much ALL THE TIME when you are training. Yet, it is one of the hardest things to learn to do and do right.  In order to start getting the gist of nutrition (especially for the big 26.2 training) I have started to read, a lot.

Some of my favorite places to go for nutrition advice (recipes and what they ate mostly):

I think the most important thing that I have found is that everyone is going to be different when it comes to what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat etc.  I find that, FOR ME, I have an extremely high metabolism–this makes training crazy for me because I just want to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat…AND EAT.  So, I am going to start recording more of what I eat on my blog–maybe you all can give me some pointers. Maybe you will get some pointers. But, at least it will hold me accountable.

Today I am feeling pretty good–protein “shake” after my run, english muffin and butter before my walk to work, fresh strawberries for a snack and I will be eating some Irish Oatmeal any second 🙂 Maybe a little low on calories so far today but I definitely will make that up because I love big dinners (what works for me) and snacking a lot throughout the day.

Strawberries from my favorite street vendor and a tad of REAL sugar 🙂

Anyone have any favorite things to eat throughout the day during training?? What works for you?!

Hopefully I won’t stay hungry for long 🙂

Happy Tuesday Running!


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