7 Leap Day Miles

Hi everyone!

Yay it is leap day/year! Yesterday I thought it was calendar turn day (a personal favorite of sorts) but I was wrong! I have heard a lot of mumbo jumbo about how “today doesn’t count,” but I am really confused because technically it does count since this day still does come EVERY 4 years…it isn’t once in a lifetime. You don’t get to erase it…people are so weird.

Google's Rendition of 2.29.12

Here are some of the irrelevant dumb things I could do on today since it supposedly doesn’t count:

1. Not count calories, because “they don’t count today.” I don’t count calories on a normal day because it is the quickest way to want to jump off a bridge and/or binge eat so I think I will go about my business as usual.

2. Say “Happy weknowyouaren’treallythisoldbutwearegointosayitanyway Birthday” to everyone I know who has this birthday instead of just, “Happy Birthday!!” because leap year babies don’t grow older in the normal way, right?

3. Propose to my boyfriend.Wait, seriously? This is a thing?  Not sure I can say much about this one besides the fact that, although I am sure my love would find this completely hysterical and the best joke ever, it would never happen.


4. “WHATEVER [I] WANT BECAUSE TODAY DOESN’T COUNT!” Again, since WHEN is this true? I have been alive for approx 7 leap years (I shouldn’t technically include 1988 because I was just a fetus, BUT I AM!) and I think this is the first year where people are so keen on this idea. And yes, I feel today DOES count!

For the sake of this post starting to sound like a rant I just want to let everyone know that instead of marking off my once-in-every-4-years day as something that is meaningless, I made it something great and started it by running over 7 beautiful miles this morning. I even did some strength and encouraged myself to keep focusing on my nutrition to keep me balanced as a runner.

Strength for today. Added weights where I thought necessary.

I had the best protein shake this morning after my workout. Have to shout out to my gym guy for suggesting this because they had no bananas this morning (WAAAH!!!!!!!!!) It kept me SURPRISINGLY full until lunch time–which doesn’t even happen when I eat like 10 tons of  oatmeal and english muffins and peanut butter and everything in the morning.

peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, chocolate protein...PB&J Smoothie OMG!

For lunch I had leftover pasta that I made last night and it was delicious…I LOVE pasta the next day, and cold. You should try next day cold pasta if you haven’t it is a perfect meal for a runner. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…snack…doesn’t matter.

I think my great mix of protein and carbs today has kept me pretty full so I have only mildly snacked. It has been a really weird non-snacking day.  I just ate some fresh strawberries earlier and then for my 3:00 snack I had irish oatmeal with bananas.

mmm banana oatmeal

I think my eating habits are getting better based on how much I am working out. Lots of filling protein and carbs. Mild fats. Tonight I am looking forward to commuting to Long Island to see my mom and eat something delicious. I am thinking something Mediterranean, suggestions?!

Hope you guys all have an amazing leap day–whether it counts in your mind or not, get out there and run!


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