Runners can day drink too…

So this weekend I had a major dilemma…how was I going to do my 11 mile training run AND make it to the Hoboken St. Patrick’s celebration?

Duh. Wake up early! I mean honestly waking up early is not THAT big of a deal. After a quiet Friday night watching basketball, eating pizza, and drinking a beer two beers it was actually really easy to wake up and lace up. I got 11 miles in before most people even woke up on Saturday to shower for the big party and I got to run in the park during a bike race, which was actually pretty cool. I have never seen so many bikes in the park, including the motorcycles that lead and follow the pack. The early run also worked in my favor in terms of the weather. I beat most of the heavy annoying rain and had a warm, misty run–running weather that I sometimes prefer.

Cyclists Racing

J.K.O. Reservoir

After I ran I quickly got ready for a Saturday full of day drinking (or in my case mild day drinking so I didn’t pass out from dehydration). Hoboken turned out to be a really fun time and it was great to get away from the actual city for a day and hangout and in a cool, smaller version of NYC. Not sure if any Hobokians (?) will be insulted by that, but it is a compliment!

Hoboken St. Patrick's

back in Manhattan, headed to get delicious Mexican! Cascabel--DO IT!

Sunday morning I babysat the kiddos and the 3 of us went to the kids favorite diner. I indulged in two cups of coffee, an egg-white, spinach, mushroom, onion, and tomato omelet (with ketchup), side of rye bread, and fruit. The kids split a milkshake and chicken and fries (not big food “tryer-outers”, oh well!)

Diner Omelets. Yum city!

The big breakfast kept keep me fueled for most of the day and after babysitting I went to see Safe House with my love. Ultimately my Sunday started and ended great because I did SPINNING last night as my cross-train! I usually hate spinning but I loved the instructor and it felt great to do something really healthy on my usual lazy day.

The class really reved up my metabolism and I was STARVING when I got home but luckily my roommate (who also “spun” last night) and I had decided to create a super easy stir-fry. It is REALLY cheap and we get two meals out of it easily.

  • boil brown rice
  • sautee broccoli, onions, green pepper, carrots (any other veggie you love)
  • add chicken breast to mix and cook
  • add teriyaki marinade
  • WAAAALAH! easy simple stir-fry that is cheap, healthy, and reheatable.

sautee veggies

add chicken and teriyaki

2 weeks until the NYC Half Marathon and I am feeling great! Training has been a real success this time around, hopefully my last full week goes as planned with California on Thursday!

Finally, big shout-out to my girl Taylor on completing the Hooters Half Marathon this weekend!! This was her second 1/2 Marathon in 6 months–you go girl!!! Now if only I could get her to move to NYC and run with me šŸ™‚

Taylor running the 1/2

WOOP WOOP!! Love this pic! Great job Taylor!

Until next time. Happy Running!


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