Super Surprise Tuesday

Tuesday has been a very surprising day so far.

1. I surprised myself by waking up to run 4.5 miles even though I felt really exhausted

2. The weather surprised me because it was 18 degrees at the start of my run

3. Surprisingly, the run was amazing even though I felt really exhausted (see #1)

4. In the elevator in the morning I was surprised by the best co-worker because she found PB Cheerios and bought me 2, YES 2, boxes. MARY YOU’RE THE BEST!


6. Work-wise this day has been extremely busy. Both surprising and unexpected.

7. My boyfriend surprised me because he offered to take me out to lunch

8. I surprised myself because I ate steak fries at lunch, with malt vinegar (so random)

Will Super Tuesday have surprising poll results? Will I end up having something random for dinner? Will my best friend have to cancel her birthday froyo date? What else does this day hold?

Guess we will find out…

All I know is my run is in, I have 8 miles tomorrow and California the day after! WOO HOO!

Surprise yourself today.
Happy Running.


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