Leg Death

Today I took my speed work to a new destination–the park. I am not sure why, but ever since I have started speed training I have been really nervous about doing it outside. I think it is intimidating to run that fast on your own without the dreadmill pulling you through–plus to be fair to myself to justify myself I have been running inside a lot this winter for safety reasons. I run alone when I go out early weekday mornings and my whole entire family envisions me on an episode of Law and Order SVU when they find out I run alone in Central Peezay.

Quick go save that runner! side note: I miss Elliot.

…. Back to where I was going with this. The weather was absolutely gorgeous this morning and I decided that for my last speed workout of my NYC Half training I was going to challenge myself with the natural peaks and valleys of Central Park.

IT WAS HARD! People were looking at me either like I was insane or that they felt my pain and were hoping I didn’t pass out in front of them. Well I am not insane (maybe a little) and I did not pass out. Actually at the end of the workout my legs were like lead and my whole body felt really heavy, but I also felt amazing and accomplished. More so than when I do it on the dreadmill. I just felt so free outside–no worries about getting kicked off the path in CP. There is nothing wrong with the dread if it is a last resort, don’t get me wrong, but I do highly recommend taking your speed and tempos outside. It was so fun!

I was so proud of myself. I quickly texted my support team (aka my lovely boyfriend and stupendous mother). As always they gave me great responses:


me: “holy shit. 8 miles”

mom: “wow very good”

me: “speed work outside! It was so hard!!!”

mom: “well u did it”


me: “holy shit 8 mile speed work. outside.”

boy: “that’s awesome great job”

boy: “I missed my bus this morning…”


Might not seem like much–but at least I know that they are behind me. And they would definitely be literally behind me in any race but that is neither here nor there (JUST KIDDING GUYS!!!!!!!)

So basically to sum up my morning–my legs are dead (hence the post title) but I feel great and you should all be encouraged now to go out and have a fabulous day of running!

Happy Running 🙂




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