Today I am going to keep this short and sweet like my morning run.

Last night I babysat for a bit with my love. I am pretty sure that the kids like him more than me, but that is what happens when you aren’t in charge of them!

We had dinner with the little ones. It was wide-ranging. I ate some delicious tuna avocado rolls and veggie dumplings, while boyfriend ate a cheesesteak and garlic knots. The kids at chicken nuggets, fries, and pizza. Okay, not going to lie…I ate a garlic knot too (and the leftover crust of Sophia’s pizza). Who can blame me–I am sure you all read my leg death post yesterday. I was hungry!!

It was great getting to see all my usual weekend loves on Wednesday before I left. I felt really calm last night, which is unusual pre-travel for me, and I even got a great night’s sleep. This morning I woke up SUPER early because I couldn’t contain my excitement for CALIFORNIA!!!!!!! I did a quick 4.5 mile run in Central Park and although I was really sore from my training week, the weather was so beautiful I could not help but be extremely happy while running.

Warmth of spring you were definitely here this morning. I had on Penn State running tights, shorts, and a pretty thin long-sleeve tee and I was definitely overdressed. Oh and the colors that I had on ranged from turquoise to bright pink. Hopefully the NYC Half Marathon will have the exact same weather because it was as close to perfect as it has been in awhile!

One of the best parts of my run was meeting the beautiful German Shepard who attacked me (and by attacked I mean playfully jumped on me to give me dog kisses) and his super sweet owner who told me that “I looked so colorful and stood out so much!!” Did I mention I literally got dressed in the dark so I am pretty sure I had EVERY color in the rainbow on?? Nonetheless they were sweet and made me smile. They must live on my block because as she passed me stretching in front of my apartment she said “are you finished? that is just so great, so great!” Nothing like a little stranger induced confidence.

Today is a perfect day in NYC so everyone out there should be running–and even if it isn’t a perfect day where you are you can make it great!

Tomorrow I will be posting from California. Try not to be too jealous 🙂

Happy East Coast Running!


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