California Lovin’

Hi Everyone!

I know you have missed me…no? maybe just a little? Well regardless, I am back!

California has been great so far. So nice to see my second family and spend time with my best friend and the bride of the year! 

Yesterday I ran laps around the Rose Bowl to get my 11 miler in. The heat was intense! 80 degrees feels REALLY hot to me right now…and my body definitely did not have the ability to adjust. The time difference also caused me to be more tired than ever. Although the run was beautiful it was really hard. I kept pushing through to just remind myself of all the amazing food I was going to be eating in a few hours at my niece’s first birthday followed by my favorite couple’s engagement party! Basically this post is just going to be a lot of fun pictures because that is my life this weekend 🙂 

Rose Bowl Run

Gorgeous mountains


Birthday Princess

Jake the pup!

Wonderful Bridesmaids/Groomsmen


Hope you enjoyed this small dose of California! Back to the right coast tomorrow. THIS WEEKEND WENT BY SO FAST!!!!

Next week, NYC Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!! 




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