Jet Lag City

Last night when I got home I was a complete disaster of tiredness. For approximately one second I contemplated setting my alarm for my usual 5:30 wake-up run…what a joke. I could barely drag my butt out of bed at 7:10. My brother noted that I got the double whammy of “jet lag AND spring forward” with this California trip. Yep…yep.

To recap California a little more in depth. Pretty much this trip was an amazing blend of seeing my second family and spending time with all of most of the bridal party. Friday morning we went to a fantastic brunch in downtown LA at this place called The Farm. I had a delish brisket scramble. Sorry no pics….to involved in my mimosas and wedding talk.


The girls!

The weather was fabulous and it was so good to spend time with everyone. After brunch we went to the flower district in LA to get flowers for Payton’s 1st birthday and Catie and Kevin’s engagement party. It was a really cool place and we had some fun letting Payton smell/eat the flowers!

Princess P.

The final stop on Friday was a really fun family dinner at Congregation in Pasadena. The beer was good and the food was fun. We started off with German pretzels and then got a mix of all sorts of different dishes. The sweet potato fries were amazing. Thanks to Demi for letting me “share” aka eat most of hers!

Family dinner #1

Saturday was another busy day and my running day. Nobody could believe that I was actually going to run my 11 miler and to be honest neither could I! I DID IT THOUGH!!!! It was amazingly hot and I was completely dehydrated but I finished the 11 miles feeling good about myself that I got my final long run of NYC Half Marathon training in, no matter how tired I was!

11 miles was the easiest part of my day–Saturday was party day!! We started out with Payton’s first birthday party, which was simply amazing. Payton is the most easy going, happy child you will ever meet and she certainly did not disappoint everyone who came to celebrate her a birthday with her!

1st Birthday Girl


Immediately after the party we scattered home to change our clothes and get ready for the big engagement party!!! It was SO much fun. I really cannot wait for the wedding and am so honored to be Catie’s Maid of Honor. Her entire bridal party and family are so excited for the nonstop fun this year that Catie and Kevin’s wedding is going to bring. I even made a little speech along with Kevin’s brother, the Best Man, and I think it broke us in for the big even in October!

Beautiful dessert table.

The best bride

Bridesmaids minus Dana 😦

I think my stomach has expanded to 5x it’s normal size after all the amazing food I ate this weekend, which is fine at least I am in training. I am trying to carb up a little healthier this week though and eat some fruits and veggies in the next two days before the big race–I don’t eat a lot of fiber up to two days before an actual race.

It is so crazy to think that my March California trip is actually in the past now. Did I mention how much fun I had? If not, it was really fun. There are so many things I still have to look forward to in the next year and I am so thankful!

Up next–NYC HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to come out this Sunday to cheer me on if you live in NYC and if not you can track my progress!! I will have my app on my phone running so just follow me on twitter @runashleerun for real time updates.

Today I have a 3 miler. I brought my clothes and am REALLY going to try to run home from work to fit it in–even though I am exhausted. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS I KNOW I CAN DO THIS I KNOW I CAN DO THIS–my mantra today. Luckily the weather is super nice here in NYC. Should make it easy for me to get out there and fight through.

Last bit of personal news–CONGRATS to my big brother and future sis in law on making their wedding date official. April 27th 2013! I even had a little surprise waiting for me when I got home from Cali–

She popped the question 🙂

I guess it goes without saying that all this running is really going to keep me in shape for upcoming events in my life. Next week starts super strength training. More to come on that!!

Have a beautiful day of running 🙂




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