I am sure that all of you out there know what tapering is…and if you don’t basically it is a long distance runner’s hell. During a taper week you run A LOT less are supposed to run A LOT less than you normally do. I mean cut out running? What kind of runner wants to do that. AND to top it off, even your other gym activity (spin class, strength training, zumba, cardio butt blast, super abtastic aerobics, WHATEVER) is supposed to be close to zero.

Tapering tantrum (this is me circa 1990)

Although tapering is only a week it can be EXTREMELY hard for one to commit to that level of self control. Let me offer everyone out there a word (or a few) of advice:


No, seriously. This taper has been so easy because I have been tired. My body wants the rest. It NEEDS the rest. I ended up running home last night and stretched a 3 miler into 4 only because my boyfriend (who is out of town for work) called and we haven’t talked in forever. He helped me to run nice and slow and I was enjoying the phone call and weather so much that I just kept on running. One thing not to hope for if you starting a taper week:


I mean come on NYC, I won’t complain. Well not much at least. But….SERIOUSLY?! You decide to be GORGEOUS during my taper week?? I can’t say no to a run..and I will not. I am supposed to be running 3 miles tonight….or 4 or 5, right??

Mid 70s, sun shining, March 14th

Needless to say, tapering is hard…this post just scratches the surface but ultimately I am only half-way through my week of limited running. Someone please give me the strength and self control to not over train this week.

Anyone out there have any favorite taper week activities?? Please let me in on the secret.

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE RACE SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day of running 🙂



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