Today is the day I start to get excited!!!!!!

NYC Half Marathon expo opens today–so on my walk to work I am all listening to techno pandora and envisioning myself crossing a finish line 1 hour faster than is humanely possible. Confetti falling. Standing on the winner’s podium. Family crying. Wait, what? You definitely do this too don’t lie.

Part of being a runner is learning how to imagine things. Let your mind freestyle like it used to when you were playing house or army in the 1st grade.  In order to be successful in a race you have to be able to clear your mind in training and during the real thing so you can JUST RUN!

I literally cannot believe that I am running my 3rd half-marathon! It is insane. I am in so much better shape than I ever thought I could be in and I know that at the end of this race I am definitely not going to look like this:

Half Marathon #1

Can anyone tell that I was “gif bombing” (thanks Ryan) my friends and family today? Sorry, obsessed.

I have 5 miles today–obviously I did not get up this morning because this week has been the most tired week of recent history for me. Commuting home will just have to be my daily run.

Tomorrow I go to the NYC Half Expo to pick up my number! YESS!!!!

happy running


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