Some Major Saturday Differences

Last week this time I was in sunny California, running…running…RUNNING! 11 miles to be exact. It was approximately 78 degrees, there was no shade, no wind, and no way that I felt normal. Also my body was feeling defeated from jet lag and dehydration–but the weather, the glorious weather.

This week I am in sunny New York, running. 1.6 miles to be exact. It is approximately 46 degrees, overcast, breezy, and I feel almost 100% normal. My body is only slightly defeated from all the traveling I did last week and I am no longer dehydrated–and the weather, the glorious weather.

East River Run

Stairs to get home!

It is really funny to me when people complain about mid 40s-50s and partly cloudy weather. On those days the first thing I think is “WOW! This is PERFECT running weather.” Sad, right? Nobody loves a good day of bright sunshine and high 70s more than me, but ever since I started running I have begun to rethink what is perfect weather for me when it comes to having a good run. This morning I woke up late (thanks to March Madness, and no thanks to Duke) and decided to do a quick 20 minute shake out run before picking up coffee for me, and donuts for the kiddos I babysit. It was perfect weather and I even overdressed a little bit, but the quick run made me feel ready for the NEW YORK CITY HALF MARATHON TOMORROW!!!!

Which brings me to my next point. Yesterday after work I met my boyfriend and went to the 1/2 expo to pick up my number. As we were walking in, bless his soul, he seriously asked me “so…what is the point of this?” Hilarious. We ended up having a lot of fun for the 15 minutes we were there and I think Henry was pleasantly surprised at all the cool booths that could be at a race expo.


I really need to get a Stick-Bday is coming up!

Go Team! Who I ran my 1st, and last year's NYC Half, with!

The expo definitely made me feel like my third half was real. I can’t believe it!! I never would have thought that I could be a half marathoner. I definitely never thought I would run 3 in the span of a year!

I  love where the expo is located in the city because it forces me to go to Union Square and remember what a cool area it is. Henry and I walked through the Union Square Market and admired all the fresh/local produce, flowers, honey, wine, meat, etc. It is an awesome little market to go to and I highly suggest if you ever feel like doing something relaxing and different to just stop by.

Local honey


Being tourists in our old hood--where we met!

All in all this week has been great. Although there has been limited running, it is has really helped me to rest for the big day tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be beyond perfect (I mean how could it not after this season of training??) and a lot of my friends and family will be supporting me by either coming to the race or getting text messages about my progress.

Want to track me? Follow me on twitter, @runashleerun or sign-up for SMS text services via NYRR.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day filled with at least a little running 🙂

Good luck to all the NYC Half Marathoners out there tomorrow!!



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