No, Seriously. I Can’t Move.

This week started off with my very impressive, if I do say so myself, and exciting idea to get as strong as I can during my “off months” before I start training for the ING NYC Marathon! 

After consulting with my trainer friend, Brandon Brennan and my brother, who just happens to be in great shape from the Army, I had a plan.


I mapped out my brilliant plan via a calendar I made in excel and quickly PDF’d. PDFs definitely make everything more official.  I got the approval from my brother and checked in about basics with Brandon. Yesterday was day 1.  I started off with my brother’s basic moves in the morning at Boom, my gym.

It was supposed to go something like this:

Squat (3×8), Row (3×8), Pull-up (to failure), Push-Up (to failure), Abs (10 sit-up, 5 push-up, 10 superman, 15s plank), 2 min condition (burpees or farmer walk or hill sprints)

It went something like this:

Stand around and don’t ask man to use the bench because I am intimidated, Bench (3×8, woops that is Friday’s workout), Squat (3×8), Pull-up (1 set to failure, should have been 3), Push-up (1 set of 15 was failure), Abs (what is stated above), 2 min condition (1 min 15s of burpees without completely dying, 2 min total)

Luckily my brother was very supportive and informed me that it is only day 1 and I will get better. WOO, thank God! I proceeded to tell him I was doing kettlebell training later for the first time, which he said was fine because it is early enough in my routine that it won’t interfere with my basic routine.


Fast forward–6:30 p.m. KETTLEBELL CLASS

Learned basic form, did more conditioning including burpees and push-ups inbetween kettlebell sets. Felt like a bad ass because I can now snatch properly. Had a pep in my step walking home telling my brother all about how awesome it was and how strong I felt. WOOP WOOP!! Awesome class.

bad ass

Fast Forward–5:45 a.m. TRYING TO GET UP FOR A RUN…

body. hurts. really. bad. Sorest I have ever been. Holy shit. Ohemgee. Not running. Goodnight.

Fast Forward–7:00 a.m. TRYING TO SHOWER

Can’t move my arms. Legs are jelly. AHH!! Kettlebell, what have you done to me?? Kettlebell MIXED with basic morning routine…what have I done to myself?!

In a nutshell, day 1 was a success. It feels good to be back to a full-blown strength routine. I know that I am not used to the feeling right now, but getting back into the groove of feeling sore from a really hard muscle building workout is something that I look forward to. It is also something I used to love. I am a runner, but runner’s NEED to be strong too. Over the next few months I hope to build strength (while continuing my base half marathon mileage) in order to be the STRONGEST I can be come July 1, because that is when the real test begins.

Today after work I am running home–probably 4 miles total, which is just fine with me. Plus the weather is overcast but warm. Yay! Another great day for a run on the East River.

ING NYC Marathon: 227 days.

Happy Hump Day Running!


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