This weekend:


It was great! I took a break from my normal weekend habits and just relaxed. After 16 weeks of really dedicated and hardcore 1/2 marathon training and a full week of working out to some degree, I decided that I would give my body a break and just have a really relaxing weekend.

Friday night was consumed with happy hour and a hockey game. We also spent some time with my boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend. It was great to finally do something low-key but really fun.

Saturday morning I babysat and then we left for Long Island to spend the rest of the weekend with my mom!

Cab to Penn Station!

Dinner, Drinks, and Sports Saturday Night!

Just my dog.

Running-wise, there really isn’t much to report on this weekend.  Although I say I didn’t exercise, I think walking and playing with the super scary pup pictured above does still qualify. Also Sunday morning we went to go see the Hunger Games, and even though I am done with the series and knew EXACTLY what was coming I still think I burned some calories due to feeling stressed (in a good way) in the movie! Have you seen it yet?? Thoughts? I won’t give mine until a later post I don’t want to sway anyone’s view who hasn’t seen it yet!

Sunday night my mom cooked us dinner. Hearty meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans. We also all drank milk with dinner. I felt like a family straight out of the 1952. Thanks mom!

This morning the three of us commuted together and I caught a pic of my love snoozing. HEHE! I hope he doesn’t kill me.

Snoozing on the LIRR after our long weekend of nothingness!

Today I am running at lunch–one of my new favorite times to run. I really enjoyed my weekend “off” but am also super excited to get back into the groove of things. I won’t be taking both a Saturday and Sunday off anytime soon 🙂

Happy Monday Runday 🙂



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