So yesterday morning I woke up, went to the gym, and did my second Tuesday of my strength plan. It went a little something like this:

  • 3×8 squats
  • 3×8 rows
  • 3 sets pull-up to failure
  • push-ups to failure
  • abs
  • 2 minutes hill sprints

Considering I am a runner the hill sprints were pretty difficult for me. I attribute the difficulty to the following:

  • Normally when I hill sprint my warm-up is running at least 1 mile
  • Normally when I hill sprint I go gradually up the hills for my intervals
  • This hill sprint is a short burst of conditioning so I went straight to a 12 incline at 6.5 speed

The workout went a lot better than my very first Tuesday of strength–but I still had some recommendations for improvement from my brother. I will eventually get the hang of it.

Yesterday I was all excited because…IT WAS MY 2nd KETTLEBELL CLASS!!!!!!!!!! 

Since KB doesn’t start until 6:30 I can still walk “home” (it is near my apartment)–yesterday afternoon was beautiful so I took a few pics of my walk

Lexington Avenue

5th Ave

5th Ave. Sitting on a bench outside the park.

My class is on Madison Ave, but I decided to walk to 5th and wait because I still had a lot of time and it was so nice out!! I also picked up a delish protein bar on the way–I needed calories for what was to come.

Pretty Yum Bar!

After sitting outside for about 10 minutes and reading Women’s Health Blogs I decided it was time to go to class. All day I had been excited to go, yet REALLY tired and on the verge of skipping. My boyfriend was planning on staying in the city (a rare Tuesday occurrence) , I felt really out of it, I had worked out in the morning. All good reasons not to go. BUT NO! I dragged my ass to class…

Enter class: CLASS IS CANCELED. UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  You’re kidding me?! My instructor was sick. I was so sad…I couldn’t believe it.

It might have been a blessing in disguise though. I do need to learn to embrace my off-time and maybe I should have been listening to my body.

Instead of class I ended up making dinner with my love, hanging out and eating ICE CREAM. YUM!

Emack and Bolio's--Fat Free Black Raspberry Chip

Moral of the story: okay, I missed my “workout” (aka 2nd workout of the day) but ya know what? Who cares…things don’t always work out (no pun intended) the way you think they will. You have to just think about the small steps you made that day to be healthier. I ate good healthy food throughout the day, I walked to work, I walked home from work, I technically DID workout in the morning–even if I wasn’t sweaty and sore and out of breath the whole time…I KNOW this strength is making me stronger.

Today I am going to take advantage of a beautiful 68 degree day and run home, and more.

Tonight’s plans: Run, laundry with Bri, stir-fry with Bri, good night’s sleep. AAHH, perfect Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day Running!