Slight Obession

So everyone that even remotely knows me these days knows that I have a slight crazy obsession with the What Should We Call Me Tumblr

Every single thing they post is relateable and every day it makes me wonder a few things:

  1. Did they go to undergrad at Penn State?
  2. Do I know them?
  3. Are these two of my college roommates doing this site behind my back? If so: “WHEN MY FRIENDS ARE LAUGHING AT AN INSIDE JOKE AND I AM ON THE OUTSIDE OF IT

    Source: #whatshouldwecallme

  4. Why didn’t my college roommates and I think of this first?

Any way–I was really excited because I found one today that I was hoping they would post soon.

If you live in any large city and walk pretty much, well, anywhere this is perfect.  If you live in a big city, walk to work, run during lunch, sometimes walk/sometimes run home from work, run in the park, run on the East River, run on the West Side Highway, run at all …this is PERFECTION:


Source: #whatshouldwecallme

The past few days of running home I have been SO annoyed running home. People do NOT pay attention. I get it, I am running on the sidewalk…wait no…I don’t get it. You are walking I am running, who cares that I am just doing the motion faster than you??

A few tips for runner’s if you are running in a city:

  • Be prepared to basically run an obstacle course
  • Think of the obstacle course as a better workout. It helps.
  • Do not get injured by jumping back and forth from sidewalk to road to side of building in order to miss someone who is texting while walking. Full force, only looking at their phone, probably don’t have the right away. Yeah, that person.
  • Run fast–it ends quicker that way
  • Do not overestimate the idiocy of people, just because they see you running full speed straight at them does NOT mean that they will scootch 5 inches to the other side of the sidewalk to make room for you
  • Have patience–try as much as you can. Please, try. No…seriously, try.
  • When someone is going at a snail’s pace in front of you politely try to pass them. Pushing them out of the way will not help a runner’s cause–but do wonder in your head “what the fuck are you doing…”

A few tips for non-runner”s who see runner’s running in the city:

  • You do not have to go out of your way to try and dodge us. We are usually running pretty fast…we can figure out how to miss impact quicker.
  • Pay attention. For your good and for mine. Even if I am not running around you, you probably should not be so into a text that you almost get hit by a car. (I mean I will be honest I have been there, but I try REALLY hard not to be that out of it)
  • Do not roll your eyes at me because I am running. Just because you do not understand why I would want to run home from work on a Wednesday afternoon does  not give mean you should hate on it.
  • Be courteous. I walk around the city a lot too–I am not always RUNNING around it–it makes me happy when I can move the 5 inches out of the way for someone who is on a run. It should make you feel good too!

Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more of this:

source: #whatshouldwecallme

More of this:

source: #whatshouldwecallme



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