Foggy Monday

No, the weather is not foggy. My head is.

This morning I had the worst time waking up.  The onset of fogginess probably brought on by staying up WAY past my bedtime to watch Mad Men and the two beers each that my roommate and I drank for the occasion (weak, I know).  For those of you calculating…yes I do normally go to bed before 11 p.m., especially when I plan on waking up at 5:30 a.m. to run.  Keyword: PLAN. 

My plan did not happen–therefore I am running home tonight. Very slowly.

I also did this today at lunch:

Yep! Acupuncture.

I have really bad pain in my upper right shoulder and it was getting to the point where I could not handle it anymore. I took my special insurance (my company is a health company so we are lucky enough to have special health and wellness coverage) and I went and got $20 worth of  acupuncture.

It was the weirdest sensation ever. He started out with “cupping therapy”

Cupping Therapy

If this looks painful, it isn’t. Cupping therapy was surprisingly peaceful and I felt completely exhausted as the energy and toxins flowed through. The point was to get my Qi flowing. I can expect to have bruises throughout the week from the therapy but they shouldn’t be painful.

After 10 mins of this my acupuncturist came in and did a “deep therapy” treatment.  He told me normally he would not do this to a first time patient but since I have such bad and specific pain he was going to go ahead and start me out with it. It was the WEIRDEST pain ever. Basically he went really deep with the needles and almost dug out what felt like buildup from my tense and painful area. At least that is what I think was happening. Although it hurt, it was a refreshing hurt I was thinking “ahh yeah right there…that is the spot,” ya know, that kind of pain.

Finally he ended with traditional “superficial” acupuncture (what most people receive) which did not hurt at all. I am definitely going back. My painful area feels a bit better already and my Qi feels a lot more aligned. Let’s hope with a few more treatments the pain is gone and I can focus on other things besides how annoying my back feels as I sit at a computer every day.

Hope you guys all had fabulous weekends.

Shout out to one of my favorite running partner’s Haley on a great job on our long run this weekend. Only 2 weeks until your half marathon!!

2011 race with Haley

Happy Runday!


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