The “Great” Headphone Debate

If you are a runner it is likely that you have been involved in “The ‘Great’ Headphone Debate” during one conversation or another with your running buddies.

The Great Headphone Debate

I don’t really understand this debate, frankly. It is one of those super debates that is all opinion, so why try and argue with someone who already has their mind made up?

So can diabetes.

Here is my stance on music/headphones while running.

1. I am totally for it

2. I love listening to music while I run

3. I don’t ALWAYS listen to music while I run (it depends on my mood, obvi) 

4. Racing while listening to music is MUCH more dangerous than simply going on a run with headphones (but I have done it before)

5. There are times/places to be safer about wearing headphones while running

For example I take one ear out if it is still dark and I am running to the park in the mornings by myself. I also take one ear out while I am racing so that I am more aware of my  surroundings/fellow racers.

The reason I bring up the great debate today is for those of you on the pro-music side, my friend Taylor shared with me a beautiful website today for all runners and I couldn’t wait to share it!!! This site is awesome–music mixes for runners are you kidding?? How many times have I googled “best running songs” to get ideas for good pump-up tunes and come up with nothing more than a stupid song from 1995 that I listen to on repeat until I throw my iPod in the middle of a cab’s path?

Ladies and Gentleman I present you with: Rock My Run! 

EEEEE!! I am giddy with excitement I cannot wait to use this site! I hope you guys all are as happy about this as I am. It is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday. Usually on Wednesdays I do a “kind of” long run so it is a perfect night to use the site for the first time! Thanks Taylor!

I woke up this morning for another strength workout. I must say I am getting the hang of things! Strength training makes me EVEN hungrier than normal though so any protein-laden recipes that people have out there I would love for you to share. I just cannot seem to get enough food.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


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