AHHH, Wednesday.  For some reason Wednesday is slowly becoming one of my favorite days of the week.  I think there is something climatic about getting over the “hump” of the week and realizing that tomorrow is Thursday.  For that reason I like to make Wednesdays super productive and happy.

This morning started off great.  I got up (despite some of my favorite tweeps discouraging me, AHHEM!) at 5:40, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and set off for a run.

NYC at dawn.

I knew that I wanted to run pretty long today.  Call me crazy but I have been feeling a little down about my mileage,  EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT EVEN TRAINING!  I think it is my addiction to endorphins, or addiction to the “runner’s high.”  Chalk my slight “down and out” feeling up to whatever you want, ultimately it has caused me to use Wednesdays as my “sort of” long run day.

This particular Wednesday I almost JUMPED out of bed (after the predawn fogginess in my head wore off of course) because my iPhone weather was stating that it was 55 degrees out! At 5:40 a.m.  HOLLER! Time to go.

Now, this brings me to the title of this post, “Colorfulness”  One of the first things I noticed as the sun started to rise this morning was the actual color of the sunrise–

Pink and purple! No filter here 🙂

Are you kidding me?! This picture definitely does not even do the sunrise justice. It was literally pink and purple.  Now a pink sunrise I have definitely seen, (“pink in the morning sailor’s warning”–which for the record I no longer believe), but PURPLE?! So awesome.  The sunrise put me in a great mood and got me thinking happy thoughts.  I ran 7 amazing miles and felt great after my run!

To top it off the sunrise got me thinking about colors all day. What better way to boost your mood?

I wrote in green marker in my 11 a.m. meeting, I am wearing a tunic with crazy colored flowers on it, my post-its are turquoise, AND TO TOP IT OFF I treated myself and coworkers to beautiful Starburst Jellies (pinks, and reds only).


All these colors also got me thinking, WHEN IS THE COLOR RUN GOING TO OPEN UP FOR NYC?! I am really stressed out about even posting that this race exists on my blog because I feel like every single follower in a 50 mile radius of NYC will end up signing up for it and I will not be able to run, but all’s fair in running and signing up for races.

I am sure that most of you are pinning these days (feel free to follow my boards, hehe) and for that reason I am also sure that most of you who are even remotely into fitness have seen this poster

I wish I could give credit to someone for this!

Doesn’t this girl really look like the happiest person in the world at this point in time?! I mean she is COVERED head to toe in COLOR and she is just thrilled! The Color Run is a great THE BEST idea. The race has two rules:

1. Wear a white t-shirt at the start

2. “Color plastered everything at the finish”
Seems pretty simple to me!  I wish I thought of this concept for a race–for me it would be a dream job.  Going around the country putting on an amazingly fun  race for ALL ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes etc. and helping people to experience the fun of running with a splash of color?  Forget the race, sign me up for a job!

I am not really sure why anyone hasn’t thought of this before, after all running is all about enjoying the small things around you including every day beauty/color.  I hope that today you all get to notice some color–even if it isn’t being splashed on you in a high color lane–and it helps brighten your day. I know my morning run gave me the lift I needed to get me through a busy Wednesday!

Happy Running Wednesday (have I said Wednesday enough in this post?!)



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