Let’s Talk Love

As many of you have probably gathered from my posts I have a significant other.  He is a really great guy.  I am 96% sure that most of my friends like him better than me at this point. We have been together for almost 3 years,  all of which have had numerous ups and downs.  Within the past 1.5 years the downs have been few  (I’d mostly just say we are both growing up and maturing) and we are almost always up. Except when it comes to stupid things like: his inability to plan,  my girly mood swings, and…running.

Definitely what we look like as a couple...

You see–when my love and I met I was not a runner.  Yes, I worked out and I ran here and there…but in no way was I a “runner.”  As a matter of fact, the first two years of our relationship revolved around crazy college adventures, long distance love, and experiencing NYC as almost single 20 somethings.  When I started running Henry was still living upstate and I was in New York City.  I finally told myself that I needed SOMETHING to help pass the time and make new friends besides going out to happy hour and eating pizza 24/7.  It wasn’t helping my weight or my feelings towards myself.  So I joined Team in Training and the rest is history.

So you might be asking yourself–“Okay so why the hell do you bring this up now if the rest is history?” Well…yes, the “rest” is history in the sense that I am now a runner but it was not until very recently that Hank and I came to terms with what that means for our relationship.  You see…I always see all these super sexy couples running in the park together just LOVING the run together. They train together, race together, wake up early on Saturdays to do fartleks together.  It is beautiful. But mostly I see them while I am alone.  One day I told Hank: “BABE you HAVE to start RUNNING!!!!!!!!” furthermore I thought it would be snide to add “all you do is lay in bed on Saturday mornings as I am out there busting my butt, you are so lazy!”  Awesome, great job sticking it to the man. That is definitely going to make him want to run with you more.

Long story short.  He started running with me last summer, summer of 2011.  He even signed up for a 10 miler with me in D.C. in October and was planning on training for the Thunder Road Half Marathon in  Charlotte, North Carolina with me in November. This was awesome!!

Fast forward to our first actual training run together. It was 5 miles. The entire time he bitched and complained.  If he wasn’t complaining he was huffing and puffing and just in terrible spirits. What the hell was he doing? Running was supposed to be enjoyable, this SUCKED! We ran a few more medium distance runs around where he lives in White Plains that summer, and most were accompanied by a bad attitude.

Fast forward again to our first long run.  8 miler. Worst experience of my running life. We ran and ran and he was doing great, but that was down played by the fact that he was MISERABLE.  I mean this kid is usually SO HAPPY and excited about anything…but when he was running he was just downright nasty.  Finally at the end of the run I asked him why he was doing this with me? As nicely as I could I told him that his negativity on runs was making me miserable too, and making me hate the sport I loved–so WHY was he running if he hated it?!  Proving that he was still the sweet person that he was he replied simply “because I know you love running and I want to love it with you too so that we can do it together.” Are you kidding?!  I mean all this time that he was making me (and himself) miserable on runs he was doing it to try and make our relationship better? What a guy, and totally him. After having a little talk together and me explaining that he did NOT need to run to make me happy we found our balance when it comes to me being a runner:

He stays in bed while I go do my thing.

Through all of this I have also found that:

H is my number 1 fan and has NEVER missed a race!! Even little 4 milers on Sunday mornings.  How many people can say that?!

Blurry pic H took at 2012 NYC Half

I think a lot of being a runner is balancing different aspects of life, and in turn having different friends/family members be a part of this life. If my experience running with my non-runner boyfriend taught me anything it is this: the couple that trains together DOES NOT always stay together.  EEKK! one more 8 miler with H and we probably would have called it quits…JUST KIDDING!! 🙂

H & Me after the Thunder Road 1/2

Today one of my friend’s shared a perfect Nike video that sums up H and my running relationship. CLICK HERE to watch and let me know if it describes you and your significant other too!

This weekend I will be running in beautiful central Pennsylvania.  My mom, H and I are going to take a long overdue visit to see the family. I can’t wait for fresh air and green grass and the smell of cow poop on my run frolic! AND NO, H will not be frollicking with me.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

ps: I ran 5 miles this morning and it was great–get out there!!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Love

  1. What a guy! Hey, at least he gave it a shot. So nice to have a super supportive bf… does he have any super supportive single friends?? And no, not that roommate of his.. 😉

  2. Evan and I used to run together over the summer (before he hurt his knee!) and I really enjoyed running with him except for a few things: our paces were really different, I prefer running a longer distance at a steady pace where as he wanted to sprint a 1.5 miles and call it done-zo haha. But it worked somewhat because we pushed each other to get out of our comfort zones! 🙂

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