Easter Weekend Recap

This weekend was glorious.  I left work a bit early on Thursday afternoon to rush to Penn Station, meet my boyfriend, and hop on the LIRR.  My mother is brilliant and since we were heading to Central Pennsylvania to spend some quality time with the family she figured we might as well meet her at an LIRR stop close to the point where we would be crossing bridges to leave the tri-state area. Worked.

I had a few minutes before H came down to meet me and our train left so I got a “Skinny B” protein shake from Planet Smoothie to hold me over on the road.

Skinny B

After peeing approx 30 times in 30 minutes on the train we finally made it to my mom and her car. Next mode of transporation begins now. Does anyone else use at least 2 modes of transportation to get out of the city on any given day?

My pup, Moose, was really excited about the trip/seeing his fam and clinged on to H in the car–tongue out ready to ride!

Moosie and H

As we started to go over the Verrazano Bridge it hit me that in just 7 short months I will be RUNNING over this exact bridge in the ING NYC Marathon! Are you kidding?!

Verrazano Bridge

It took us a short 2.5 hours to get out of tri-state area traffic and another 2 to get to the small town of Halifax, PA but once we did I was so happy! I hadn’t been back to the place where practically ALL my family lives  in ages and all I wanted was for the weekend to last forever.

My dad lives in North Carolina still, but he was up visiting with my step mom for the weekend, so Friday morning H and I went over to his side of the family’s town (a mere 30 mins of country road away from my mom’s side) to spend some time with them.

We were greeted by my Nana, aunt Erin, and step mom (Cara) leaving for The Auction, Beninga’s Creek Winery, and lunch at The Klingerstown Hotel.  PERFECT timing!

For those of you not up to speed on what “The Auction” is, the best way I can describe it is a giant flea market, but with more fresh meats, produce, flowers, Pennsylvania Dutch foods etc. than “flea markety” things.  Most of the time there are tons of Amish food stands, but since it was Good Friday, H did not get to see many of our Amish friends.

After The Auction we went to this fabulous little winery called Benigna’s Creek and did some wine tasting/drinking.


It seems like wherever the wind takes H and me we end up wine tasting.  Not sorry.

One of the biggest, juiciest, and cheapest hamburgers later (no picture taken, inhaled too fast) we ended up back at my family’s riding motorcycles with my dad.

Dad and H getting ready to ride

Going for a ride with dad

Goofin' off with H before riding

Little cousin Gracie introducing me to JBiebs

Motorcycle riding is exhilarating, but I am not sure it is really for me. By the time I relaxed enough to enjoy my surrondings we were done riding. I just kept thinking of all the ways I could die.  Good thing I trust my dad with my life!

I forgot to mention that my 5 year old cousin, Gracie, is personal friends with Biebs so I got to meet him this weekend. NBD.

After a great day with my dad and the rest of the “Loosh” side of the fam, I went back to meet up with my mom and her side of the family. The rest of Friday night was fun, but Saturday morning was by far one of the best morning runs I have had in awhile. I ate a small piece of toast, laced up and left.

I ran from my Grammy’s house to my Aunt Chris’ house, which is about 4 miles away.  Once I got to the area I  met my mom and aunt to finish out another 3 miles.

Mile 1--no pollution.

Farm 1 million

Still no pollution


Snap happy at this point

I was so happy while running/snapping pictures that I almost kept running back to my gram’s to make it more than 10 miles…but all good things must come to an end so I stopped running so I could spend the beautiful day with my family.  A few hours later I was in a food induced coma (we had Easter dinner a day early).  The time after dinner Saturday was spent playing football/catch phrase/apples to apples and drinking beer.  Not sad.

Sunday morning we woke up to Easter Bunny presents and the sad feeling of having to get in a car and drive back to NYC. My puppy, my mom, my boyfriend, and myself were all completely exhausted and not ready to leave.  But we had to. We packed up the car and headed “back to civilization’ as my mom would say.

This drive was much easier and shorter than on the way in and even with a stop to get food it took us only about 3 hours to get to the city.

Moosie doesn’t often get to drive into the city so I took a quick pick of him hanging out the window while we drove from Central Park West to Central Park East.

Wind blowing through his hair.

As much as I was loving being far away from NYC for a few short days, it was good to be back. ESPECIALLY because it was absolutely beautiful out. I was even in running clothes all set and ready to go on a short run.

5th ave


My mom dropped us off at my apartment and instead of going on a run I decided to spend the remainder of the day with H. We went on a walk by the East River, and then went and picked out new linens and pillows for my bed. Wild and wonderful Sunday 🙂

I decided that even though I took 2, instead of 1, days off of running–I needed it.  Marathon training would be upon me before I knew it and my body had never done that much running before.  I had hit a good amount of mileage the week before and I needed to NOT OBSESS during my off time. H even surprised me by taking me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Cascabel.  We finished watching The Masters and gorged on a wonderful beer flight, delicious tacos, and scrumptious grilled corn.

Watching Bubba.

Dark pic of our beer flight


WOW. A lot happened this weekend. This post is super long! This weekend was super amazing. While running was a small part of my weekend it was definitely one of the best pieces. Can’t wait to get back out there in the NYC beauty today 🙂

Looking forward to also seeing two of my good friends Haley and Alex run a half marathon on Sunday–countdown begins girls!

Happy Runday 🙂