Tired Tuesday

I am really tired.  Can’t you tell by my wonderful title to today’s post? So creative.  Not that my titles really ever are, but still.

This morning I woke up and lifted–I am not even sure how I got up the strength (no pun intended) to do this, but I did.  My tiredness I think has everything to do with a combo of a few things:

  • Allergies
  • Running a random 8.5 yesterday
  • Following up my run with Zumba

My Zumba instructor, Ronnie, is back! That means that I am back to going to Zumba. Don’t judge me!

Tonight I am going home to clean the hell out of my apartment.  In this case hell is the word used to describe living with a boy.  So really, I am going home tonight to clean the boy out of my apartment.  

Tonight, I will also be graced with the presence of my weekly dinner date, Brianna. Can’t wait! We are going to be talking about all types of fun new decorating ideas for our apartment in a few months! How girly of us! Does anyone have any QUICK, HEALTHY, and EASY recipe ideas for us? Minimal ingredients please.

The best part of my day today so far??


I got “The Stick” today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear the ball of my foot area already feels a little better from this little beaut.  If you don’t know what The Stick is and you are any type of athlete you should go RIGHT NOW to Amazon and research it…actually don’t even waste your time researching–just buy it!

I think that is all for me today.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be feeling 100% again. I really want to do my kind of long run.  OHH Hump Day already, tomorrow?! Yay!

Happy Tuesday.


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