Ahh today is really busy at work! I don’t even know what I have been doing all day–besides eating mini cupcakes from Baked By Melissa for my coworkers birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Short rundown of today:

I ran 5 miles and ate 4 mini cupcakes and that is all I can remember.  I think I blacked out.

Usually I run a lot more miles on Wednesday but I am on speed about giving my apartment a really good spring cleaning so I ran this morning, as opposed to my mid-week evening run, so that I could go home and CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! My roommate, L, is probably going to murder me in my sleep any night now because I have been hyperactive about everything going on in our apartment lives.   Sorry, L!

To make up for my insane behavior….

tonight I am going to make us a yummy pasta dinner!

Going for something like this:

Let's see how this turns out

How I will react if I am successful (#wswcm):


WEE!! Tomorrow I am going to wake up and try to go for a longer run since I have to go watch the babies in the evening for supermom! She is running Boston on Monday I am so excited for her (and to stream it online, hehe)

Hope everyone is having a great hump day!


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