Sometimes inspiration comes from the oddest of places.

As most of you know, I like to run…a lot.  As most of you also know, I like to run in the mornings…most of the time.  For the past few months every single time I go out and run in the morning I pass this older gentleman.  Now I am no prodigy at guessing an elder’s age (except my mom’s she is always 35 and never known as “elder”) but I am going to say he is about 75 years young. 

This man is not spectacular in that he is one of those older men/women that is running incredibly fast in expensive gear and racing through their run each day as I think to myself,  “dang I hope I look like that when I am ‘x’ years old,” however, he is spectacular in the fact that like clockwork every. single. day. he. is. running.  Slowly. Running. Running…with purpose…running.  I see him at the exact same spot each morning, around 75th street & 5th ave on the west side of the street, outside of the park.  He is running north and I am running south. We say “Good Morning” to each other in the mornings. It makes me smile.

It struck me this morning that he inspires the shit out of me.  I mean I could literally set my clock by him each morning.  He makes me feel guilty when I do not wake up to run!  Literally, I get out of bed because I think that Joe (yes I named him) will know if I am not out there passing him at approx 6:12 each morning.  I keep one ear bud out of my ear until AFTER I PASS HIM because I want to say good morning to him because I want him to know that I see him there every morning, running–even though he is probably retired and could stay in bed every morning for hours if he wanted.  I want him to know in some way that I see him and he helps me to feel inspired and run every day.

Inspiration sometimes comes from the oddest of places.  My inspiration isn’t fast, isn’t a young person with abs of steel and a ripped up body.  He doesn’t even know I exist really, but he still inspires me.  I have many other inspirations in my life (my mom, super runner mom, my brother, my grammy, pinterest boards [haha just kidding] etc.) but this morning I realized that inspiration can come from anywhere!

I hope I inspire some of you out there to run–and even if I don’t I encourage you to find someone or something that does.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I love running as much as you do, so your blog makes me SO happy! It’s like you read my mind when it comes to running. So you do inspire people! Keep it up!

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