Happy Friday


It’s Friday!!!! Let’s here it for the following “weeisms” that made, are making, and will make my Friday great:

  1. The weather is amazing
  2. It is really sunny out there. This could be mistaken for a point 1a. but I like to think of sun as the cherry on top of my weather banana split, so there.
  3. I ran 5.5 miles at lunch
  4. I got a sunburn on my thighs because I wore shorts during my run for the first time this season
  5. It is Friday
  6. My BBB girls (Penn Stateism, sorry) are one-by-one starting to book flights/trains/buses to come up for Cinco de Ashlee!! Thanks to Jessie for getting this min-reunion going and Hilary for being the first one to book transportation!
  7. Frozen yogurt trip at 2:30 p.m. MMMMM!!!
  8. It’s Friday
  9. I have dinner tonight with my marvelous 2nd family.  Don’t be too jealous from the west coast, Catie.
  10. It’s Friday!!!!!!

Afternoon Tasti D-Lite

Basically this weather is making me really happy along with all the other things in life that should make me happy. Thankful for today and looking forward to a beautiful weekend.

Join me in wishing my loves Haley and Alex luck in the Fitness/More Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park on Sunday! Can’t wait to see these girls run their butts off!

Happy Weekend!


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