Marathon Monday

Greetings from NYC and not at all Boston.

But still–greetings from the an exciting day, that which is Marathon Monday or the Monday of the Boston Marathon! It is SO HOT out there.  You know it is an especially hot day in running when an elite runner, Kipyego, drops his water bottle and GOES BACK FOR IT during the race.  Elite runners usually do not even take water stops regularly.  I think most in the women’s and men’s fields got water at every single station.

Boston Marathon 2012--116th Running


In NYC we are feeling the same heat and I am kicking myself for not getting my mileage in early this morning. At least I was smart enough to only pack a tank and shorts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the warm weather and the feeling of summer–but when you are running for the first time in a sudden 85 degree heat, it is extremely hard to handle.

I am going to try to get in as many comfortable miles as possible and I am extremely excited because on Saturday I got my very first RUNNING BACKPACK! Okay, okay–run nerd.  But honestly, this thing is going to be life changing (even more run nerdier???).

Tomorrow morning I am running TO WORK. That means I get to wake up 1.5 hours later than I normally would and STILL run before work.  All this because I now have a way to transport clothes and other misc. goods with me to work easily without having to think days ahead.

My pack!

I think this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. I got it at Jack Rabbit Sports and I had a gift card from supermom.  Pretty much the best!

This weekend I ran 8 miles mid-morning on a beautiful Saturday.  I was dragging a bit. Probably from the alcohol and tacos  I consumed with a fabulous 2nd family on Friday night. EEK! Well, I am human ya know.  And damn, I am not training so bring it on!

Bar Taco: Port Chester, NY

Saturday night was another fun one and when I woke up on Sunday I fully anticipated running.  I was wrong though, because I wasn’t feeling so great. I decided that since I ran 5 days the prior week I could take Sunday to chill out with friends in Central Park and enjoy the day.  It was perfect.

This week looks like a pretty nice one minus the intense ups and downs of the temps–but I can’t wait to run! One day off and I feel like I miss it more than ever.

Congratulations to the 2012 Boston Marathon winners Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop (both Kenyan citizens)–Great job out there in incredible conditions!

Boston Marathon Winners

Another big congratulations to Haley and Alex on finishing their half marathon on Sunday–great job girls!!!!! You guys aren’t Kenyan, but you sure did awesome!

Hope everyone gets out there to do a great Marathon Monday run! Just envision finishing Boston, that’ll be my motivation today 🙂


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