Looking Toward the Future

Yesterday I had my first 85 degree plus run.  I know, I know.  Everyone knows how hot it was yesterday–the Boston Marathon was yesterday and ALL we heard about was how hot and dangerous the conditions were.  Well guess what? I ran too!

Yes, it was a mere 6.2 miles, or 10k as they call it, but I ran.  ANDDDDDDDDDDDD it was hot!  I am so not used to running in heat like that.  Although we had a warm winter in NYC it wasn’t that warm–and when the temps heat up suddenly it can really take a toll on your running.

The smartest thing I did in regards to my running plan yesterday was pack my Nike Shorts and Team In Training tank to run in.

Mine are a pattern, in case you care!

As you all know I ran home from work yesterday in order to use my new backpack–WHICH I HAPPEN TO LOVE AND YOU SHOULD ALL GET ONE IF YOU ARE AS AVID A RUNNER AS I AM AND NEED TO FIND ANY TIME IN THE DAY TO FIT A RUN IN (runonsentence).

As I began my run I was feeling good.  I was asking myself what the big deal was thinking that it was just a great day outside!  Then I looked up and remembered that I was still sheltered amongst high buildings–once I got inside the park things were going to be different.

As soon as I entered the 72nd street path I knew this was going to turn into struggle-fest 2012.  I was sweating bullets and my legs felt like lead. I had been hydrating all day but it was seriously leaving my body as fast as it had entered.

Bottom line: I wasn’t ready for this. 

As I was running a recurring thought kept coming to my conscious–you are training for a marathon (26.2 mile run) in even hotter weather then this….what are ya gonna do about it?!?!?!? Huh, huh?!

At first this thought was quiet, then it was louder, and louder, and then. I started to worry.  The higher I got into  mileage and the more my legs felt like they were going to buckle under me, the more I was starting to freak myself out.  Can I really train for a marathon.  Not only that, but can I train for one in the dead of summer?

I started looking to the future in a really negative way and getting worried. Ever since I have taken up running I have not really done this–I kind of take things as they are and prove to myself as I go that I can succeed in whatever I am choosing to succeed in.  SO, why was the heat making me feel differently about the best and most exciting goal I have set for myself in a long time?  Because the heat makes people crazy, that’s why!  The fact is–I kept running for 10k in the heat on a random April day when I didn’t even “have” to be running.  I did it for fun because I can and because I wanted to–no shit I am going to rock my marathon training.  No 85, 90, even 100 degree weather is going to hold me back from being a trained marathon runner–so I need to look to the future the way I always try to, positively.

Obviously there are precautions that need to be taken in any extreme weather conditions, but my point is that if I am going to look to the future I need to do so in a way that is productive and positive for me.  As my brother would say: “get those negative thoughts out of your subconscious and you will succeed.”

I ran 5 miles this a.m. in the not-so-sweltering heat and felt pretty good. Tomorrow is my first official run TO WORK. Yay! I was going to do it today but I forgot that I bring my lunch and I needed to pack for the week in order to succeed at my little plan.  I took a page out of Alex Eats Green’s book and packed salad for the week! Thanks for the motivation to be healthier in my eating with your fabulous blog girlfriend!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday–get rid of that subconscious negative thinking and do something great today!


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