I always say that Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. You have something to look forward to because tomorrow is Friday.  I love that Thursday nights it is okay to stay out late and start happy houring for the weekend.  It makes me feel like a little piece of the weekend is already with me (although lately I have been doing less happy hours and more babysitting on Thursdays, but still…it’s Thursday)


On Thursdays I always usually start my morning off with a pre-work run, a protein shake, and a gallon of coffee.  This Thursday I did not.  This Thursday I started my morning off with a feeling of moodiness, a pre-walk to work peanut butter and banana shake, and 2 cups of coffee.  See, last night the Flyers lost to the Pens by 7 points, embarrassing themselves at home and dragging this series out longer than it needs too.  And it put me in a bad mood.  Instead of waking up to run, which is something that makes me happy, I slept in and started my day off on a sour note. It didn’t help that my boyfriend–a normally chipper and upbeat person–was also in a bad mood for whatever reason.  We sat in on opposite couches last night watching some terrible hockey not talking, while my roommate probably wanted to kick us both out of the house.  Sorry, L! 

I went to bed pretty early because, frankly, I was pissed off.  So you’d think that getting up to run my normal 5.5 Thursday morning jaunt would be easy….

How H normally acts.

I could not talk myself into getting out of bed to lace up…it just wasn’t in the cards for me.  As I was walking to work and started to think about why I was in a a bad mood and how I skipped my run because of it I got even more angry at myself.  WHY would I skip out on doing something that I KNEW would make me feel better just because of an even that put me in a bratty mood?  I had no idea.  Now I have to fit it in at another point in the day. That is fine and everything, but waking up and going is what makes Thursday mornings so great for me!

For runner’s everywhere the first step out the door is the hardest.  Even if you are the most avid, experienced, gung-ho runner you find yourself basing whether you are going to go out and run on your moods.

Word of advice: no matter what, just run.  If running is the sport that makes happy, then more-than-likely lacing up is going to snap you out of whatever is making you feel down, angry, annoyed etc.  It will also only make you happier if you are in a good mood.  Today I am going to run at lunch. Something that I love to do.  But I am going to need a lot of motivation because of how my mood swing has made me feel.  For the record I blame these fools:


Motivation Thursday: Love this

Hope everyone has a great day! Get out there and do something active–brighten your mood. It doesn’t have to be running 🙂

Happy Thursday!


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