(de)Hydration to (re)Hydration

Last night I ran a glorious, cloudy, sort of cold six miles.  I was planning on running long–but as I made the turn to do a full loop in the park I started to feel like I was going to get GI issues. UGH.

I made it 6 miles, which is great, but I was annoyed.  I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary and I even had a few chomps before I left for extra fuel (we got samples at work).  As I started looking back at the day I realized that I had way more of this:


than this:

aaaahh, refreshing.

Mondays are in general pretty busy days–but I am sure to keep my Penn State water bottle filled to the brim most of the time. I guess yesterday I really didn’t, and it hurt.

Dehydration is something that I fight with myself about all the time.  Why can’t I just drink 2 more extra glasses a day? Why can’t I wake up 10 minutes earlier to drink a cup of water when I run in the morning?  Why do I have to drink a glass or 5 of water when I am out drinking the Friday before a long run? WHY, WHYYY?!  Well because if I don’t, frankly, my stomach hates me and tears me apart and I won’t make it a mile much less 8-10 without a good hydrated system (at least without having to run into trees in Central Park–kiiiiddddiinng)! This theory has been proven to me more than a few times, but some days it is harder to remember than others.

Part of being hydrated comes from eating fruits and veggies and having a well-balanced diet (surprised!?) Drinking water, and yes, even drinking small amounts of tea and coffee are also large contributors.  Now, everyone knows that drinking 6 glasses of water is better than 6 cups of coffee but 1 or 2 cups of coffee does help you to stay hydrated. After all, it is made with water…

I am running home from work again today and you better believe I have my water bottle filled up. There is no way I am letting GI tract issues from dehydration ruin my run tonight.

Does anyone have any tips for staying hydrated?

I hope you all have a Happy, and (re)hydrated Tuesday!

Run, run, run!!!


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