This weekend was a good one. Friday night I went to happy hour with some of my favorite girls on the west side and had a great time catching up. I was so proud of myself because I took buses home instead of a cab and even got a little sprint in from the M50 to the M15.

I left early because I knew I had to get up early not only to run but also to meet my tri-state area college roommates to pickup our rental car and head to Pennsylvania–we were heading to meet our newest Penn State family member, baby Sofia.

I ran 7.5 miles, which is more than I could have hoped for, showered at my friends’ apartment and off we went. The day was beautiful, as was baby Sofia. It was fab and I am so happy I got to see my college roomies and meet the newest addition to our 116 crew. Although I ate and drank waaaay to much. The cookies, cake, and wine ugh my body hated me. Luckily I got some homemade fruit salad in too!

I came home to my roomie cooking dinner for us and our friends (who came over). We drank some wine and they went to see a movie as I called it a night. Do you see a theme from this weekend?? Happy hour, wine, dinner, treats, food, friends…

Sunday night was more of the same with L. The weather was terrible so we decided to indulge in pasta with vodka sauce, beer, and lots of candy and ice cream for hockey games/Mad Men. Oh lord…

Today I decided I needed to recharge my body. I have been skimping out on healthy food and weight lifting and I can definitely tell. Running is my favorite but I need to do more to keep my body running smoothly (no pun intended). I started my full body recharge today. Good breakfast, light lunch, protein for snacks, a run, a little lifting, and Zumba. Hey, I didn’t say I was starting slow!!!

Usually I start my recharges on Mondays, but every day is a new one so if you feel the need to press the start button just do it…feeling good inside and out is most of the battle of being successful in all endeavors.

Happy Monday, night!!!






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