Happy Marathon Opening Day!

ING NYC Marathon season is upon us!

Is it ever not? Even though I have been a “guaranteed” entrant for months now I am constantly thinking about this marathon.  I already get emotional sometimes when I am running thinking about the toll that is going to be taken on my body November 4, 2012. Thinking about my friends and family (right guys!?) standing on 1st Ave cheering me on.  Thinking about crossing the finish line in less than 4 hours (right self!?)

Today marks the official day when lottery entrants find out if they too will start to have anxiety when a 6 miler turns into the worst and hardest 3.5 miler of their lives.  When they too can start wondering if there will be any surprising weather factors like the 2012 Boston Marathon heat.  When they too can start using their imaginations in training (everyone has envisioned themselves finishing first, c’mon now).

Yes, today marks that official day.

Between disgruntled runners posting on NYRR Facebook/Twitter accounts because it is taking too long for their accounts to be charged the 200 something dollar fee associated with the marathon and loyal runners trying to defend the “disorganization” of this opening day event, there are normal runners–like me for instance–who just want to sit back, relax, and embrace being a part of this unspoken team.  Whether I was “in” or not this year, living in New York City, enjoying running, and appreciating the toll that your body goes through running even 6 miles was enough for me. Standing on 1st ave for hours at a time with my friends cheering on my teammates (runners everywhere) was always enough for me. This year though I get to go beyond. This year I am IN for 26.2.

I'm In, Ryan Hall

To everyone running on the team this year, CONGRATS! We are going to kill it 🙂  If you would like to add support to my ASICS Support Your Marathoner Page Click Here!!

V Bridge

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day filled with, what else, running!

ps: I ran 8 miles before work this morning. Please find gchat conversation with one of my good friends (no, not boyfriend) about my run below:

H: “u did not run 8 miles before work.”

Me: “yes I did.”

H: “congrats..” “how about you run for me and I eat for you”

Me: “hahahahahah I like eating too much”

H: “dammit, I like eating more than running” 

HAHA! Love my (non)runner friends! Always give me a good smile.


2 thoughts on “Happy Marathon Opening Day!

  1. I’m running my 1st marathon this year too-Marine Corps Marathon in DC. Never thought I would do it. I can’t wait to read your blog during training. Your enthusiasm is so fun!

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