Friday, For the Win!

I AM SO HAPPY IT IS FRIDAY! I could jump out of my desk chair and sing and dance for anyone who wanted to watch.

To top it off it is sunny, and the temps are perfection. 

Today is going to be a great day.  I am meeting some of my very first, and greatest, NYC girls for lunch.  I am having dinner with my boyfriend and his fam.  AND, my best roomie comes home tonight from her week in Chicago! CELEEEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’MON! (I told you I would sing and dance for anyone who wanted to watch [listen/read]) My mom also officially found out that she is closing on her new town-home on Monday so I will be going there Sunday-Tuesday, along with the greatest aunt, to help her move! I envision drinking mimosas, eating bagels, and directing hot movers where to take her furniture. A girl can dream?

blue skies from my window

For all of you that read my post yesterday you remember my new Friday morning mantra “Get up & Go!” Well, I have a confession to make…I totally did not get up and go this morning. IT IS OKAY THOUGH! I realized this morning as my alarm went off that if I did not take today off I would be working out 7 days this week (after I run long tomorrow/race on Sunday).  I am a FIRM believer in rest days, so after debating whether I should run to work or not I decided against it.

So true.

Today is my rest day.  I will enjoy straightening my hair. I will enjoy putting on make-up. I will enjoy not carrying around my running backpack (although I do love you, backpack) to dinner after work. I will also enjoy resting my sore body from my workout yesterday and my higher mileage runs this week.  Yes, today is a day to enjoy.

This weekend is going to be one full of running. Tomorrow I am hoping for an enjoyable 8-10 miles and Sunday will be the Run As One race in the park to raise money to support lung cancer research and awareness. This is a cause very close to my heart as my Grammy was diagnosed with lung cancer 5 years ago–in February she was 5 years cancer free!!

Grammy and me circa 2008

"Gram Cracker" and "Cracker Jack" (her husband)

I think there are still some spots open so if you live in the tri-state area, or are around NYC this weekend, and want to participate you should sign-up now!! Lung cancer is an under researched/funded type of cancer. Most people think that it is the patient’s fault that they have lung cancer because they “are smokers.” However, 60% of people that get lung cancer have never smoked or have quit smoking.  Even if someone diagnosed was a smoker before, nobody should have to suffer through any type of cancer and anyone can get lung cancer. I hope you all will participate in the run on Sunday and if not, stay tuned for more ways to help me raise awareness/money for this terrible illness. Sunday is in honor of you, Gram!

Happy Friday to everyone–and keep on runnin’ this weekend!


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