and I’m back!

So sorry for the major lull in my blogging. I know you are all just bouncing around with excitement to know what the hold up as been! Usually I just take the weekend off, but my mom moved into her new home this Monday so from Sunday until this morning I have been in a land of boxes and no internet access. I do have to admit though it was sort of nice, even though I am BEYOND tired from all the packing/unpacking (you’re welcome mom!)

Quick weekend recap:

Friday night– Drinks with my coworker (who happens to be training for the Marine Corps Marathon, yay) followed by dinner and drinks with my boyfriend, his mom, dad, and sister. Drinks. Drinks. Theme starts…now. We went to Bridge Cafe and it was just delicous and amazing and relaxing and perfect. Two bottles of white wine and a buffalo burger later H and I were back in a cab to head home for the night.

Saturday– 8 mile run followed by shower, and then went to pick up my number for the fabulous RUN AS ONE race! Saturday was pretty much a non-stop day. Down to SOHO with H’s sister and mom, back to FIDI for lunch/drinks, up to the Bronx for Yankees game (peanuts and beer included), back down to Brooklyn for dinner with the family. PHEW! Add some transit mishaps in there and you have a PACKED day. Around 10:15 the Manhattan kids took a cab from Carrol Gardens to various spots in the city and called it a night.  Can anyone say, exhausted?

Yankees Game

Sunday–Alarm went off bright and early for the RUN AS ONE race in Central Park! I was so excited to run this race because the race benefited the LUNGevity Foundation. It is extremely important to me to raise research funds/awareness about lung cancer because my Grammy had the disease (and is part of the 16% of survivors!) Race day was beautiful and my clock time was 30:55 (4 miler).  Not sure what my net time turned out to be yet, for some reason my results did not get posted on the NYRR site so I am waiting for the correction to be made.  I definitely felt strained at some points in the race but I just kept telling myself that if my Gram can walk around with one lung (they had to remove it from the disease) then I can run around with two!! I also cannot wait to run more races for the Lungevity Foundation!

Race Bib

After the Race

After the race H took me to get bagels at our fav spot before I headed out to Long Island for my mom’s big move! My aunt and my mom greeted me HAPPILY at the train station. My presence meant 2 more hands on deck for packing and unpacking adventures! The move went great and with a Monday/Tuesday off from work the 3 of us pretty much got her new house in order! CONGRATS MOM!

Congratulatory Champagne and Roses

WOW is it really Wednesday already?! Monday was my day off this week followed by a 4 miler yesterday and today I am skipping the run again and opting for a sculpting class at the gym.  I have been on the move pretty much since last Friday and am completely exhausted so I just want to do something instructed today. I am already counting down the hours until I can lay in my bed and get a good night’s sleep!!

Cinco de Ashlee is on Saturday and I need to rest up for the celebrations! For those of you who don’t know Cinco de Ashlee is my birthday!

Hope you guys have a great hump day (this weather sucks!!!)



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