Lofty Goals

Two of the things that keep me running are: anyone can do it and new goals are attainable with each step.  With other sports you have to have a history of playing them or a lot of skill to participate in them at an older age.  I am in my mid-20s here, c’mon! When I run I seem to get better at it each time (for the most part–we all have bad days) My lungs expand, my legs become stronger, my mental capacity becomes greater.  Everything opens up around me, mind, body, soul.

Running is a sport where you can set a goal every single race that you sign-up for, you can aim to run different types of races, you can run shorter, faster, longer.  With running there are tons of different ways to set new aspirations for yourself.  It is part of the rush of it all. Goals, goals, goals!  I set a goal (aspiration, dream, etc.) for myself every single race that I do, but my BIGGEST goal is to run a marathon or half marathon in every state. (Did you guys get that? I set goals.)

2 Down. North Carolina, New York.

I feel like this BIG idea (running races in every state) is becoming more redundant within the running community as running becomes more popular, but to me it is my ultimate dream.  I think of all the different people I will meet, the things I will see, and the accomplishment of, not only visiting every state in the U.S., but also RACING every single state in the U.S. and that is pretty damn cool.

So far I have done races in 2 states. New York and North Carolina.  Both half marathons, both unique and exciting experiences.  This year I am definitely knocking Connecticut out of the mix (ING Hartford Half) and hoping to AT LEAST knock South Carolina out too.

What are your biggest running dreams?  Fitness dreams? Active lifestyle dreams?

It is Thursday and today I am hoping to get 6 miles in, for now that is my goal!


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