Feelin’ It Friday

This morning I woke up to the LOUD and BOOMING sounds of a thunderstorm.  Unlike most normal adults I HATE thunderstorms. Lightning is my worst fear (rational, I know) and if there is one thing that gives me anxiety more than anything it is the thought of running in a thunderstorm. side note: to be fair to myself it is not the thunder that scares me, it is the lightning. I could go my whole life without seeing another bolt.


I guess my subconscious knew I would not want to run due to this rational fear this morning because I slept LITERALLY right through my alarm to run…whoops!

I let it slide though because it is BIRTHDAY FRIDAY!! No, no…not yet my birthday.  BUT tomorrow is Cinco de Ashlee.  The 24th anniversary, in fact.  I love birthdays! It doesn’t have to be my birthday, but anyone’s.  I love that people get a special day to celebrate the day that they were born to bring something unique into the world, it is really cool if you think about it.

Favorite Saying!

This Friday I have been jammin‘ to my favorite tunes all morning, I treated myself to a Venti Iced Chai Tea (with skim) from Sbucks, and a little egg & spinach omelet, and a couple of home fries from the deli below work. Yumskis.  Tonight we are going to 5 Napkin Burger as a pregame for Cinco de Crashlee tomorrow, can’t wait! If you haven’t had one of their “Original 5 Napkin Burgers” you should probably drop everything and go get one–AMAZING!

This weekend I have no races and no solid running plans except I am going to run long tomorrow morning in honor of my birthday.  What better way to start off a new year than to go on a nice long run? The weather is supposed to be perfect.

Oh and in other news one of my very best friends from college is coming to visit from Tampa, FL this weekend. Could this get any better?


Hilary and me senior year at Penn State

Last note: Good luck to all my friends/running buddies doing The Broad Street Run this weekend! Ryan and Hales you guys will do great 🙂 Make sure you PR for me!

Hale finishing her latest half marathon

Ry during the run portion of his latest tri–boy look at that body!

I hope everyone has a great Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo Ashlee, Saturday, Big Boxing Fight, Broad Street Run weekend! Should be a good one.



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