National Runners’ Month

Is it a sign that May is not only my birthday month but also National Runner’s Month? I think maybe I was born to run! Well, most people are born to run…it is just a matter if they stick with it or not, right?

National Runners’ Month

In honor of National Runners’ Month I am going to try and keep a running streak from now until May 31st.  Runner’s World does a running streak during the holidays and though I have never participated I think it is a great idea!  What better way to stay in shape  then to hold yourself to some level of running every day??

My streak rule:

Run at least 20 minutes every day

For me, even on a bad day, 20 minutes will keep me at a minimum of 2 miles every time I run.  In my opinion that is a pretty nice minimum.  I hope some ALL of you will participate with me!  Use the hashtag #RunFootNRM after you run every day and tweet your run distance (or anything bout your streak) so we can support each other with positive results, shout outs, and advice.  Not a big runner? Who cares! This is the perfect way to break into the sport. It is also the perfect way to lose those last couple of winter pounds before swim suit season is in FULL FORCE!

I also encourage everyone who decides to participate to sign-up for a race by end of May or mid June, that way you will really see your results at the end of the month!

Running my favorite June NYRR race–NYRR Mini 10k

Weekend Recap:

This weekend was my birthday and I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and family for such a great celebration and such thoughtful birthday wishes! I had an amazing time with everyone and my derby horse won! I’ll Have Another a true come from behind star (I guess he knew negative splits were the way to go–start slow, finish 1st)

I wasn’t feeling 100% this weekend for my birthday but my amazing friends made it all better, of course!

Bday dinner at 5 Napkin Burger

Part of the bday crew

H and me at Delancey

I hope everyone joins me in starting a successful running streak today–I am running home so I know I will definitely be starting off on the right foot (or left?)

Happy Runday!

Don’t forget to tweet your distance/successes/failures with #RunFootNRM


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