I’m Running in the RAAAAIIIN

I have to admit that I never thought that I would find an activity that I loved enough to do in the rain willingly.  Singin’ in the rain, nope.  Baseballin’ in the rain, nope.  Footballin’ in the rain, nope. Hikin’ in the rain, nope. Dancin’ in the rain, drunk…maybe, but probably not by clear state of mind or choice.

East River Drive

Yesterday on my run home I had a little extra time before babysitting so I took a detour over to The East River.  The clouds were looming and I knew that there was a chance of rain in the forecast, but I definitely thought I could out run it. Right.

The rain wasn’t horrible but I was definitely getting a good soaking (I would like to thank the backpack gods for being smart enough to make a little built-in poncho for my pack) and as I was running I was thinking about something sort of funny.  You see, I am one of those people who in life would see motorcyclists getting caught on their bikes in the rain and think “why in the world would they go out on their motorcycle out if they knew it was going to rain, that must suck!!!!”  I never thought that I would understand their passion.

Before taking a ride on my dad’s bike

One (and probably) only time on a motorcyle

My dad would definitely ride in the rain!

Motorcyclists biking in the rain is very similar to runners running in the rain (or bicyclists cycling in the rain, or soccer players kicking in the rain–whatever).  It is their passion and no matter what the elements, they will brave them to fulfill the deep desire of that passion.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be running a little over 6.2 MPH in the rain then driving over 100 MPH in the rain, but different people seek different levels of adrenaline.

It is pretty fitting that I started my run streak yesterday in weather conditions I never thought I would want to run in…I loved it.  Honestly, sometimes a nice humid run is better off done with some of nature’s sprinklers.

This morning I stayed true to myself and woke up for a double workout–spinning class followed by a very easy 2 mile (20 min) run and a few strength moves. It felt GREAT to wake up early again and get my workout done.  Or maybe it just felt GREAT to be in a routine again with my workout–either way it felt GREAT (did I mention this morning’s workout felt GREAT?!)  Before my workout I fueled up with a lemon-lime G2 and the newest member of the GU family, Peanut Butter GU! OH MAH GAH! My dream come true….super mom gave me a packet last night from her stash that she brought all the way from Big Sur in California. We are not even sure if this type of GU is sold in NY yet! I could probably just live off packets of PB GU from now on…


I probably should have had one more GU for my workout but I usually like to have an emptier stomach if I workout super early, so it worked!

With my #RunFootNRM streak going strong on day 2 I am looking forward to a long run tomorrow morning before work. I think running to work will be the perfect solution for the internal debate of whether or not getting up at 5:30 is going to happen!

Don’t forget to join me on twitter and use the #RunFootNRM hashtag so we can all support each other in this streak–don’t be shy!! Even if you missed a yesterday or are going to miss today it is all about trying. Heck, I already missed the whole first week of May!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!


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