Darn you, Bart Yasso!

Or should I say: “Thank You, Bart Yasso!”

My morning workout consisted of some Yasso 800s on the dreadmill this morning (I know, I know…but I REALLY didn’t feel like running in the rain today!) While my workout hurt, it was the perfect way to ramp my training back up.  I ended up doing 5 repeats–typically you try to work up to 10 in training.  My 800s were not an exact science, I changed pace in 2 of the 5…but they were a good start to what will be many Yasso 800s in marathon training. 

Read this Runner’s World Article for a full description of the Yasso 800s workout!

I must say that Bart Yasso is one of my true idols in running.  He is motivating and his training rules are clean and simple. To top it off, he is ALWAYS somewhere running/hosting races.  Can anyone say dream job? (I mean, I gueeessss it is well-deserved) What better way to pay homage to an idol than to participate in his workouts 🙂

So my running streak has remained successful. Day 3, go me!! Tomorrow I plan on running to or from work about 6-8 miles. Since Thursdays are typically easy, shorter runs for me during training I am just going to do whatever I feel in the moment for tomorrow’s run.

Tonight I am looking forward to a relaxing night of laundry and dinner with Brianna.  Maybe a little wine down Wednesday too??

Daily Mile asked on Facebook today “what is your post-run reward?”  Well, here is my answer!

My post-run treat

Tomorrow is Thursday, yay!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


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