Thirsty Thursday


We did it! We made it over the hump and it is THURSDAY!  The weather is beautiful in New York today and I cannot wait to run home tonight!

This morning I packed up my backpack with anticipation of a beautiful, warm afternoon–and it looks like mother nature is coming through with my request!


It feels like forever since I have had a nice run home through Central Park, so I am really excited to take my time in the most green area of New York City tonight. This Thursday I do not have to babysit so I am going to try to run for at least an hour and 20 minutes–this should put me around 8 miles. Not bad on my 4th day of my run streak!

My favorite part about running home through central park is seeing all the other people in the park using the same stress-reliever as me.  It makes me feel like part of a community. You can tell that there are so many people in NYC that find their haven in CP, it is the perfect place.

In general I stick between 72nd street and 90th street on the east and the west (sometimes running more or less in the park)

Running Map

I am really hoping to start running with a group of people come marathon training time.  Does anyone have a group that they run with in NYC and enjoy? I would love suggestions of running groups or to create OUR OWN! Nobody said that this has to be coached training…group runs are just enjoyable and easier sometimes.  If you are interested, let me know!

Tonight H and me are making pasta for dinner, which I have not had in forever.  Pasta is so simple and delish and it gives me a reason to enjoy my favorite wine on my first Thirsty Thursday in what seems like forever.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a quick and easy early morning run followed by some weights–5th day of my run streak! 5 is my lucky number so I have a good feeling about my early Friday workout.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!

Thirsty Thursday!

Don’t forget to keep your streak going with me AND let me know about city running groups you enjoy 🙂 🙂


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