Do I say this every Friday?  I think I do…sorry about that!

But seriously this Friday has been awesome so far.  Guess what I did this morning?!  That is RIGHT. I woke up (after 2 bottles of wine and a hell of a lot of pasta with my bf–he drank more than me, but I definitely ate more) and did a beautiful 6 mile run through the streets of the Upper East Side, to Central Park, around the small loop, back through the streets, down to East River.

I know I talk about the weather a lot in my posts, but honestly the weather is a big part of running.  It can make or break a day for you.  Yesterday on my run home it was hotter than I expected and I had not drank enough water….dehydration=5.5 miles instead of 8.  Oh well. Still a great Thursday run.

Back to today!

I took a lot of pictures today and I wanted to share them with you!

Running pic of CP this am

West side of the park running downtown

Running the small loop

Sunrise over the East River

East 81st street and East End Ave

Flowers on the promenade

Running on the promenade

Okay, okay.  So I may have gone a little iPhone-picture-taking-while-running happy…but how could I not today? It was a gorgeous, mood lifting morning out there.  The epitome of perfect weather for a runner.

Also, AGAIN…it is FRIDAY!

So excited because right at 5:00 I am leaving to go catch a train to my mom’s house for the weekend with H! At mom’s request we are going to celebrate my birthday and at H and my request we are going to celebrate mother’s day.  Much deserved for AL.

Tonight we are going to dinner in Babylon and tomorrow my mom and I are doing a semi-long run together.  We are going to plant flowers, go shopping, and enjoy the nice weather all day Saturday.  Screw my allergies I am going to enjoy the great outdoors! Sunday is going to be an interesting morning because H is running is FIRST 5k with mom and I.

Last night over a glass of wine we had this conversation:

Me: “are you excited for the race Sunday?”

H: “yes I really am”

Me: “awesome I am too!”

H: “I am going to smoke you”

Me: “H..I hope that you do smoke me, we will see…we really will see”

H: “I really think I can smoke you”

Me: “It would be very surprising if you smoked me…but again, we will see”

Any takers on the perspective times of H and myself? My best 5k is somewhere around 24 minutes.  H hasn’t run a mile in a year.

That is all for now runners!

Happy Friday–get out there and do something great this weekend 🙂


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