Weekend of Firsts

As my mom would say “this was a weekend of firsts for us!”

On Friday H and I hightailed it to my mom’s new home to spend the weekend with her doing things we have never done before! I speedily walked (a first) to Penn Station a few minutes before 5:00 on Friday afternoon to catch the 5:36 train to Babylon and being that the weather was beautiful and I was in a great mood I decided to do things that people think locals never do–look up.

This is what I saw

Sometimes looking up is very humbling for a New Yorker. Looking up reminds us of some of the reasons we should feel very lucky to live here–especially as the weather gets warmer and the humidity more out of control because, trust me, it is easy to forget.

Once I got to Penn Station H and I began our weekend with a sesame pretzel and two beers from a vendor. Yum city! An hour later, we were greeted by my mom and puppy (Moose) at our destination and they were both really excited to see us.  Another first for the weekend–all of us WALKING home! No more depending on transportation for us to and from the train. During the walk home mom and I talked about everything we were going to do this weekend.  I think my mom and I wore H out before we even stepped foot inside her house, which is pretty typical.

We had our own little family happy hour, freshened up and headed into town for a delicious dinner at The Argyle in Babylon. Walking into town on a Friday night was a new first for our little group, and it was so fun! The Argyle was delicious…I could go back right now!

Mom & Moose

Dinner at The Argyle

Saturday morning after coffee and a bagel thin with peanut butter, I went on a slow and VERY beautiful run with my mom through the town of Babylon, another first.  The town is so cute and there is so much to investigate for us still.

This was Moose’s reaction to us leaving:

“Guys! Where are you going?!”

We ran through the town to Argyle Park–a really cute little run/walk/jog/bike path around a beautiful lake filled with tons of swans. I felt so far from pollution on Saturday’s run it was insane!

It is amazing how much a run outside of your normal element can force you to really slow down and take in your enviornment.  Yes, I was running slow. But sometimes when I run in the city I run way too fast for training purposes, mostly because I feel I have to–I am dodging people/cars/cabs at the same time as trying to suck in any clean air I can find.  This run was a nice change of pace (literally!)

HUGE swans!

Lake @ Argyle Park

Another view of the lake

After our run we decided to go get flowers and other gardening supplies to start mom’s planting for the season.  Happy Mother’s Day! H, my brother, and his fiancee all chipped in to get my mom her gardening gear!

Moose gardening

After a shower and a trip for a little shopping we were spent (monetarily and physically).  We went to the grocery store quickly and food to grill out. H made dinner (nice surprise and yet another first!) and it was amazing. The menu was:

  • Burgers with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and melted sharp cheddar
  • Grilled asparagus (as prepared by mom)
  • Pasta salad
  • Beer (s)

We decided to turn in early because Sunday morning was RACE DAY!! This was H’s very first race ever and all of our first times running the Elizabeth T. McNamee Memorial Run. The race is a staple in the town and I was happy to be a part of it! I wasn’t sure exactly how the race was going to go as H had not run in months, it was pretty hot and we were all tired from our busy weekend thus far but I decided to just run however I felt.  We ran a warm-up mile to the start and then at 9:30 we were off!

At first I tried to stay with H but I started to feel really good so I threw both of my earbuds in and pushed myself to the limit.  It ended up paying off because I placed 1st in my division! What an exciting and unexpected experience and yet another first for the fabulous weekend! I knew I finished fast but I didn’t think I was fast enough to beat all other females 20-24I am also proud to say that H finished in under 27 minutes and my mom in under 30–they did amazing!

Before the start

H running to the finish!

Mom pushing it at the end!

My love after the race–great job!

Accepting my award

I never thought I would finish 1st in my division in any race, but it felt great and is proof that hard work does pay off! It was also a great way to keep my run streak going…

After a late lunch for Mother’s Day (filled with fried goodness and 2 beers) and a quick nap H and I were off to get back to the city…the weekend ended too soon!

All in all it was wonderful to be with my mom Fri-Sun and if I could go back in time I definitely would! But…I can’t and it is Monday.  So here we are…back to the grind.  Sometimes I like the grind though, it keeps the weekends fun and exciting!

Today I am trying to figure out when I am going to run. I am babysitting tonight and could get a run in before if I run home (which I packed to do) but it looks like rain during that time.  Do I try and get a quick run in during lunch or run in the rain home…what to do what to do??!!! No matter what, I am running. There is no better way to start a week.

What did everyone do for Mother’s Day this weekend? Did anyone else have a fantastic weekend for racing?

Have a great Runday!


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