Lordy, lord. Long day

Today was, in a word, long.

It started at 4:45 am when an unknown perp (I am currently delving into some Law and Order) decided to buzz unrelentingly on my apartment buzzer, grrrrrrr!!! I fell asleep again only to wake up 45 mins later to run.

This morning’s workout consisted of 6 repeats of Yasso 800s. I added a repeat from last week but didn’t warm up the full mile in the beginning so I still ran 7 miles. The 800s felt great and I was happy to have my workout done in the morning…especially because of the beautiful rainy weather today.

Does anyone else feel grateful when they get their workout done bright and early as opposed to later in the day?! I know I am definitely grateful for that on this particular day.

I think I will take the rest of this Tuesday night to relax with a cold glass of seltzer water… Mhhhhmmm

Happy Tuesday!


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