Just Running.

This morning I did something that I do not often do, and should.  I did a “freedom run,” meaning that I ran this morning without a GPS watch or any sort of GPS application on my iPhone, therefore I had no idea only some knowledge of how far and how fast I was running. I mean obviously I can make an educated guess of this information based on the fact that I have run this route a million times (slight exaggeration) but it is still an amazing thing to JUST RUN.

Just Run.

Just running gives you plenty of time to think about things. What am I going to eat after this, how sore I am from yesterday’s workout, what I am going to eat for lunch, how does that girl run so much faster than me (does she have any fat on her body??), what am I going to eat for a snack today at lunch, I hope that my shower is warm when I get home today, I wonder if my mom wants to go out to dinner or stay in when I get there tonight, eww I am coughing a lot.  Okay, so maybe most of this stuff is just background noise because I definitely like to think that I have other thoughts in my head–more important thoughts?

Just Do It

Today the noise in my head centered around the “why I blog” topic.  As I kept, “Just Running,” I also kept thinking, people probably think I am crazy–writing about running.  I have no advertising on my blog, no big followers, no real “industry” qualifications…why should they listen to me?

Well, here is my answer:

First: I love to write.  That is a pretty simple explanation but it is true.  I was always that student that loved the essay exams but wanted to shoot herself in the foot (and that is a serious thing for me to say) when it came to multiple choice exams.  It is easy to express myself when I write.

Second: I love to run.  Running is a passion found later in life for me (because I am SO old) but it is an important element in my life now. In a lot of ways it defines me.  People know I have turned into this psycho, addicted, racing machine–and they support it. I have always been into fitness and even used to write a fitness blog, but it was harder for me to write about that because the passion wasn’t as strong.  I didn’t want to tell other people about my boot camp class the night before because it wasn’t a beautiful life-changing experience (not that I don’t love getting my ass kicked physically in boot camp–my mom can tell you, I  do as we go to classes together quite a bit). But running. Oh, running. Running can be life-changing.


Take my first half marathon training experience for instance. One I will never forget.  The feeling of community I had with  group of people that I trained with. The glory of waking up on Saturday morning when my friends were sleeping because they went out the night before.  The satisfaction of finishing a 12 mile run before most people got up to use the bathroom for the first time that day.  The soreness that came with that 12 mile run, and the appetite that I never thought I could have without consequences. It really was beautiful.  I never thought I could accomplish running 13.1 miles and now, because of what running has shown me I can do, I have run three 13. 1 mile races, countless shorter distance races, and am training for my first MARATHON–in-case you didn’t get that I am training for a 26.2 mile race. Running, for me has been life-changing and I blog about it because I want to show people it can be for them too.

You might never run a marathon or a half marathon–you might stick to distances under 3 miles, but you WILL find that running makes you see things in yourself you never thought possible.  This blog is one that I dedicate to people just like me, “real runners,” who have lives and jobs and families and who travel on the weekends and just try to fit in their runs wherever and whenever they can. That is why I write it.  For me there aren’t really any other REAL blogs out there with people who actually don’t just blog for a living.  Hey, I am not going to lie if I could do this and get paid for it I TOTALLY would, but so far I can’t, so I do this to help others see you don’t have to be a stay-at-home  lover of running to fit in a 6 miler before the sun comes up.

I hope that you will continue to read and share my running experiences and find a part of yourself in my blog posts. For those of you who keep coming back–THANKS!! I appreciate it, don’t forget to tell your friends 🙂

Happy Thursday to all, don’t forget to get your runs in today!


2 thoughts on “Just Running.

  1. I do a “freedom run” whenever I get so caught up in training that I forget how much I love running for the sake of running.

    And, oh, how life-changing running can be! So true!

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