Traveling Runner

Today is Friday and what else should I be doing but traveling?!

I am leaving shortly to beat the 4 hours million hours worth of traffic we would get in if we left after work today. This morning I was not feeling very well–I have been under the weather since Sunday.  I think it is just allergies but either way doesn’t feel great.

This morning I had some PB Cheerios, aka the loves of my breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner lives and some coffee (thanks mama) and then set out of a run an hour or so later. I ran through the town of Babylon again and around the lake about 5 times.  I ended up running 6 miles, which shocked me.  The weather is gorgeous and running actually got my mind off of not feeling so great.

Has anyone else had the problem of pollen spores literally attacking when you are running lately?? The spores get in my eyes to the point where I have to stop rrunning and it feels like there is a bug in my eye (gross I know!) It is horrible.  I do have sunglasses for running but I haven’t been wearing them, stupid on so many levels.  What am I going to do about this pollen problem? It is so annoying! I could see them diving in on my face today when I was running, grrr!!

So far this Friday has been fantastic and I am looking forward to summer Fridays at work (leave by 2 p.m., I think yes!) It is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather of the season.

Later I am going to learn the proper deadlift/squat technique from my Army Brother–eek he is going to kill me!!!! Can’t wait to see my family and have a fun-filled weekend. Sorry no pictures this post, but stay tuned for some prettiness later!

Final word: Good Luck to my boss, and my friend, Danielle who are both running the Brooklyn Half Marathon tomorrow!! There is a heat advisory so everyone be prepared—GOOD LUCK to everyone else running the BHM and other races this weekend!!

Happy Friday 🙂


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