Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

Can’t believe it is Monday already?  Same here.  The weekend went by surprisingly way too fast, but it was a good one!

This weekend I was in Pennsylvania celebrating my cousin’s impending graduation from high school.  She is the youngest so it was really crazy to even be talking about her leaving for college.

Friday morning I ran 6 miles at my mom’s house before our brutal hours long drive. My dog hates when I lace up and knows that I won’t be back for at least 45 minutes when I leave (baby).  He was waiting for me patiently when I got back:



Bringing me his favorite toy

There was SO much construction and traffic–my mom and I were ready to kill each other by the time we finally parked in front of my aunt and uncle’s house. I will spare you the details.

Moose in the back–not happy about driving

My brother was already there when we arrived and he insisted that he take me to the gym to teach me proper technique of dead lifts and squats–so off I was again, to the gym!

basically just bonding while being bad asses

It was definitely a worthwhile experience to go and actually have him teach me what I was supposed to be doing when I went to do his workout that he has given me, because lemme tell ya…I have been doing it COMPLETELY wrong.  Whoops! I never said lifting was my thing. About 45 mins (and a short conversation with the lady at the gym) later we were back at the house for dinner/drinks with the fam. Perfect night for back deck pizza and beer.

Dinner Friday

Friday night we took it easy because SATURDAY was the big day! We woke up early and decorated for Meg’s party–about noon we had a quick lunch and then while everyone else napped I ran.  I did a quick 4 miles.  It was FREAKING HOT out! I got sunburned during my run and I was feeling the heat more than I have in awhile.  The whole route I ran was open. No shade, no break from the heat. On Friday I saw a kid running on the treadmill when my bro and I went to the gym and I told my brother that I just wanted to drag him off and make him run outside–how could he not want to run here?! It is so gorgeous, I don’t care how hot or cold it is it is perfect for running.  Fresh air, quiet roads…how could you not want to run outside?  After living in NYC and being a runner here I will never take for granted what more rural (so basically all of America) areas of the country has to offer for running.

Aunt C decorating


My mind was wandering during this run because of the heat so you are spared any other pictures of the countryside. 

Meg’s grad party was so fun and I was happily reunited with tons of family/friends that I haven’t seen since I graduated college! Crazy how time flies.

Here is a recap of the party in pics:

3 generations

And we’re the 4 best cousins that anyone could have!

our mom

graduate with her cake

Aunt Catherine and Grammy–Uncle J photobombing

Greatest Grammy

I love my family and I am so happy I am able to spend time with them–thankful.

Saturday came and went fast, as it usually does, and before I knew it mom and I were rounding up our things to head home. The drive was A LITTLE better going back to Long Island.  We made it back and decided since we had been sitting in the car since we woke up, we would go for a slow and short jog around Babylon.  Even though we only ran about 3 miles it felt good to go out and enjoy the last bit of nice weather. We relaxed, ordered pasta/salad in and took it easy for the remainder of the evening.  Commuting isn’t so bad and this morning I even got to see H at the train station!

H, you made my morning!

Tonight I am going to be running short on the dreadmill and trying out my brother’s lifting techniques by myself for the first time.  Does anyone else feel like this rain is killing their running/fitness mood today? My run streak is going strong and I have realized that even making time for a 2o minute run helps to ensure that you don’t fall out of your running or fitness groove.  It is so easy to skip Sat and/or Sun runs anytime, especially when I am traveling or have plans for the weekend. When I do that the thought of running Monday ends up being a horrible one–but this weekend I kept to short mileage and I am not dreading even a treadmill run later.  I suggest running daily to anyone out there–20 minutes is NOT a lot to ask of yourself!

MDW this weekend? Yes, please!

Happy Runday everyone!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Why don’t you bring you adorable dog with you on some of your runs? I’m sure he would appreciate some exercise too; it’s much better than waiting at home all of the time. 🙂

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